Summer Photo Diaries

Summer is one of my favourite seasons, despite it right now feeling way too humid. Auckland's sticky, uncomfortable heat is not a good time. What is a good time? Summer fruit, relaxing, reading, crystal blue waters and the fact that in this part of the world, Summer represents a new year. I had two weeks off over Christmas where I spent a lot of time just doing whatever I wanted. It was the best, quite frankly. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to but here's a snippet of what I did capture...

/ / Above: The inside cover of my journal for 2018. Yes I sticker my journals like a true 00's girl.

/ / The Christmas tree at my aunty's house. I housesat there over Christmas+New Year where I spent a fair portion of my time in the pool. SO. GOOD. I loved this real Christmas tree though. Can't beat them. 

/ / Yayoi Kusama's Obliteration Room at the Auckland Art Gallery. It was crowded so I really hurriedly took photos and placed stickers around. I'll have to go back when it isn't as busy. 

/ / Went to the beach one day and left with sea glass and shells, and very sandy feet. Free exfoliation? Wish I'd taken my togs #regret. 

/ / On Boxing Day I went to the movies and saw Breathe and hit up the Kikki K sale. I stocked up on cards as you can see so I am set for the next year or so(!). Their sale is still going, in fact I think some things are now 75% off so it's the perfect opportunity to treat yo'self. 

/ / To me, from me. Magazines I wrapped up for myself for Christmas. Yes I am that sappy. No I am not even sorry.

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