The 2018 Diaries

Another year, another opportunity to have some semblance of organisation, thought and memory through stationery. I've kept diaries for as long as I can remember. Pen and paper work considerably better than pixels for me in this regard. Today I thought I'd shine the light on my organisational tools for 2018. If you're in an organisational rut, or perhaps just a curious cat, this one is for you.

Visual Diary/Daily Journal: This is actually one of those blank sketchbooks of unlined paper. It was Britney who got me on to these for journaling so thank you Brit. I'm using it to (hopefully) write daily in for my own benefit. Nine days in and so far, so good. I love the thickness of the paper and the size of this as well. I won't be surprised if I have to grab another one at some point in the year but I like the idea that my 2018 journals may be in volumes. Is that nerdy? Anyway...

A5 Journal, not pictured: I guess this is what I'm calling the amateur bullet journal. It's not quite a bullet journal in the traditional sense of the word but is a series of lists, grids and things that don't really belong anywhere else. Inside there's lists I've written up where I can track TV series episodes, blog post progress, movies released in 2018 that I want to see, a skincare routine chart among other things. Lists seem to be really effective for me and I think I'll eventually move to something more legitimately bullet journal-y but for now this is a good introduction. PLUS it's rose gold and sparkly af and I am one hundred per cent here for that. 

Weekly Diary: My go to, organisational diary. This typically stays on my desk at home. Otherwise I just chuck things I need to remember during the day on a piece of paper and throw it inside whatever notebook's left the house with me. Yep, this sophisticated millennial is not a total iCal devotee. I use this diary for reminders, appointments, writing down people's birthdays, blog post tracking and other boring adult things. I'm sure you get the gist.

-What do you use to stay organised?

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