A Summer Wishlist

Aka, the one where I lust after things I kinda want and of course don't necessarily need per se but they've all taken my fancy recently. Scroll down if you want to see what I am lusting after...

Gettin' crafty: Last year I made it my mission to undertake some ceramic making classes. Sadly it didn't happen but hey, there is always 2018. I am determined to make it happen and am hoping to do one of Eloise Worrall-Bader's amazing classes. Other things I want to learn: calligraphy and not so much learn but I want to go to one of those wine+painting classes. Although the latter may take some working up to-if only because I know I'm terrible at drawing and found art class in high school emotionally scarring. *Perhaps it would have been improved with a beverage....

Will & Grace: The WAG obsession continues. Why I didn't just get the box set from the get-go I am not sure. However I am loving this show so naturally I want ALL of the DVD's and seasons and vice versa. Give me my fix of classic one-liners and shade throwing before shade throwing was a phenomenon. 

Classic Lit: "So you're reading some Classics. About time." That is an actual quote that was said to me. Um, rude. Although in seriousness, the only classics I have read since high school are some Shakespearean plays and The Great Gatsby. I have The Catcher In The Rye and also I Capture The Castle but Franny & Zooey is on my list, as is The Secret Garden and Lady Chatterley's Lover. The Bell Jar is on my list too.

Himalayan Salt Lamp: These always catch my eye when I pop into Bread & Butter Letter. They're not the prettiest perhaps but I love the ambience they bring to rooms. That and I am kinda obsessed with things like this. Anything to at least create but hopefully give the illusion of good vibes. 

Positive Cards: Thanks to Betty Magazine, who bring a lot of coolness to my attention, I discovered Oh Squirrel. She makes a bunch of stunning, beautifully designed things but it's her cards I love. Specifically these complimentary ones. Glittery, flora+fauna, handwritten lettering and bold type? Yes please. Plus they're a bit tongue in cheek and I love that. Get in my liiiife please.

Coffee: Well more specifically, a vessel to house my coffee. Well not only that but to proclaim my devotion to it as well. Y'know. The important things basically. In seriousness, paper coffee cups and plastic bottles make me feel guilty. So I do want to invest in one of these and a glass water bottle. If only to feel less like a bad tidy kiwi. 

-What's on your wishlist?

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