Five Things: March

March has arrived. So crazy! It's also the beginning of Autumn here in NZ although given how humid it still is, I can't see crisper temperatures on the horizon any time soon. This month for March we have a few digital things to enjoy, books because of course and another movie I'm smitten with. Enjoy.

The Fringe of It: So in case you're hiding under a rock. The lovely Liv and Charlotte have launched a podcast. The title is naturally inspired by their current matching face framers. Each episode is centred around a topic; so far they've looked at friendship, confidence+comparison and defining success+ambition. All incredibly relatable discussion points. They also talk about what they've been watching/reading and buying-particularly in the fashion realm. It's a good time and a new episode drops every Tuesday. It's my Wednesday morning ritual to listen to the new ones at work and I'm not going to lie, I love it. 

Lady Bird: Probably my most anticipated movie of 2018, so far, is this one. Over the weekend I went and saw it with Albertine. It did not disappoint. As I said on Twitter, the film perfectly captures that time when you're nearing the end of adolescence and are on the cusp of adulthood. The way you feel everything in extremes and the future looks unclear but hopeful. Saiorse Ronan is amazing as Christine aka 'Lady Bird' but Beanie Feldstein was a scene-stealer as her best friend Jules. I think this film is resonating so much because it is so relatable and everyone sees a bit of themselves in one or more of the characters. That and the cinematography is exquisite. A must-watch. 

The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath: I feel like not a lot of people know this so correct me if I am wrong, Unity Books in Auckland+Wellington have a loyalty card system. For every book you purchase, they'll write the amount & stamp your card. When you get ten, they average the total cost and you are able to redeem a book to that value. Anyway, long story short-I've been wanting to read this for ages and redeemed it with my credit. It's looking a bit battered because I have been carrying it everywhere. Underlining passages and losing myself in its pages. Plath's writing is brilliant. As this is over 700 pages I will be absorbed in it for a while but I don't mind because it is so captivating. 

Anyone Girl: To be honest, there's not a ton of NZ specific publications that I read and like but I'd been wanting to grab this for a while. It was while perusing the shelves in The Bread and Butter Letter that I found it again and snatched up a copy. Shamefully I am yet to read this (still) but this issue and all its contents look dreamy and wondrous. 

Anxiety: young women & this silent epidemic: Emma was one of the original bloggers here in NZ, writing under the Rag Pony moniker and she now writes for her own website among other places on and offline. Anyway, she has written this brilliant piece on anxiety and its impacts on young women. Please read it. As someone who personally still feels like these topics aren't always given enough airtime, I applaud those who write or speak about them and do it well. 

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