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Hello and welcome to book week. Yes, I'm aware two posts don't really equate to a week but let's just roll with it shall we? While I don't make monthly reading lists nowadays, if only for the eventual disappointment I felt not finishing everything, I did want to try to make seasonal reading lists a thing. There's a lotta material here and given one of the books clocks in at well over seven hundred pages, I may not make it through everything. They're all titles I do want to read in 2018 though so I am sure I will get to them eventually Perhaps most surprisingly, almost all these inclusions are novels. Don't worry, my memoir-loving self hasn't run away. I just seem to be having a good run with fiction right now and want to make it last. Anyway, books for Autumn incoming...

Enigma Variations x Andre Aciman: After reading and loving every inch of Call Me By Your Name, this made its way on to my to-read list. I've actually requested this from the library. Like CMBYN it looks at the nuances of romance and the way in which our relationships shape us. I'm expecting more vivid, beautiful words. Here's hoping it delivers. 

The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath: So I am currently reading this, as touched on here and am taking my time with it. If only because I find it's the kind of book I want to immerse myself in for a while, hence dragging the reading process out. It seriously blows my mind that Plath was 18 or 19 at the beginnings of these journal entries. Her writing is so profound and captivating. I've been marking sections I like with a black ballpoint pen to return to later. In fact I can see myself revisiting this one a lot. 

The Female Persuasion x Meg Wolitzer: Honestly, I can't remember where I read about this book now but it's one of my most-anticipated novels for 2018 because it just sounds flippin' fantastic. I mean, read that synopsis if you need convincing further. 

Everything Ali Smith: The Ali Smith obsession continues, right now I am reading How to be both for a book club I joined and I am loving it immensely. This was the first book of Smith's I attempted to read and I gave up on it pretty quickly yet I knew it was a book I wanted to try again in time. So glad I persevered. Anyway, I also have Winter, Artful & Girl Meets Boy to read so this lil' literary love affair will continue for some time yet. 

The Price of Illusion x Joan Juliet Buck: A candid, refreshing memoir from a former editor of Paris Vogue. Naturally the subject matter appeals but I've heard this is brilliant. Also, Kristin Scott Thomas is a fan which makes it all the more enticing. 

The Muse x Jessie Burton: Emma loved this book which reminded me I also had it on my shelves and really need to get to it soon. Like How to be both, this is a book about art and paintings, set over two different time periods. In fact, the whole centreing around one painting gives me Goldfinch vibes too, which is a book I want to reread but anyway. This has been on my bookshelf for way too long so I will be reading it sooner rather than later.

The Catcher in the Rye x J.D. Salinger: In my quest to read more classic literature, this book finally entered my life recently. I deliberately don't know much about it, other than it's a classic, coming-of-age novel and I'll be getting to it very soon. 

*Well isn't this asterisk a little blast from the past... Longtime readers will know I used to conclude posts with my 'life rambles' as I call them. This isn't really one but I thought I'd do a quick little PSA to say blog posts are going to go up every Monday and Wednesday for the time being. There may be extras on a Friday but I've not really had a schedule for ages and I want to reinstate it. This may fall to the wayside as I'm in a bit of a creative block right now-not entirely but it's definitely there in the background. The struggle is a bit real sometimes but it's hardly surprising given I've done nearly 1100 posts here now. Anyway, just thought I'd update y'all. Have a great week!

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