Things I Watched+Liked: March

In a further quest to share a bit more love to things I've watched on and offline, I've made this lil' list. Today we have a bit of everything; fashion, lifestyle and dark comedy. Get comfy, grab a coffee and maybe some seasonal chocolate if you're that way inclined...

Inside the Wardrobe of Rosalind Jana: Biased because Liv & Rosalind are two of my favourite Internet ladies and have rather stellar wardrobes. Regardless, I loved seeing inside the well-stocked wardrobe of Rosalind Jana. That lady knows her way around a thrift store and always looks fabulous. Don't believe me? Have a look at her Instagram. Interesting watching and I love the stories behind her clothes. 

Dealing & Living with Depression: Britney and I go way back. Actually I think this year it's seven years since we met. Crikey! Anyway, she is the reason I am here blogging at all because she made it seem so cool and fun and I wanted in. So thanks B. Anyway, she is creating some fantastic discussions on her blog and YouTube around mental health. They're candid and real. We need more content like this. I don't want to call her 'brave' or inspirational because sharing stories like this shouldn't feel exceptional, even though in the present day it kinda is. Anyway, freakin' brilliant person. Go watch. 

Moving Into A Studio Apartment: Tara, aka one half of the dynamic duo that is Shop Style Conquer studies fashion design in Melbourne (yass) and recently got her own studio apartment. She's still setting it up I think but I enjoyed seeing this glimpse into what it is like and of course that IKEA furniture. Side note: NZ, needs an IKEA and needed it yesterday. On that note, I recommend all of Tara and Ellen's videos. 

The Party: Not a YouTube video but a film. A dark comedy or dramedy as I believe they're referred to. It stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Timothy Spall and Patricia Clarkson among others. The whole film revolves around one evening at a dinner party and the secrets, off-the-cuff comments and drama that ensues. It's brilliantly written and well worth the watch.

-What have you watched+liked lately?

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