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I suggest you settle in with a coffee or whatever beverage takes your fancy right now because it's going to be a long one. Myself and one of my Internet pen-pals Liv bonded over our love of many things; magazines, stationery, the She & Him Christmas album, just to name a few. It is the first item on that list though that inspired a lil' magazine exchange. I think this may be something we try to do more often because it was a fun time and who doesn't like getting snail mail? More so magazines from faraway places. Quite literally the other side of the world. Liv got all her picks for me spot on and I badly wanted to spend all day long reading them but as we all know, the magazine-reading experience is best savoured. Anyway, details....

Lionheart: Liv is actually one of Lionheart's contributors and I'd been meaning to track down a copy of this for ages but somehow never did. *taps wrist*. Firstly, I love the handbag friendly size of this one. I've been slipping it into my bag between notebooks and the book I'm reading. Yes I don't pack light and never will. It's crammed with inspirational, positive, uplifting articles, interviews, stories and ideas,. It is wonderfully designed and quite simply an exquisite publication. This issue has a feature on books too so that of course has me sold. There's florals aplenty too which I love.

Sunday Girl: Another magazine I'd heard about through Liv. I actually found the previous issue in, of all places, the newsagents near my work. The last issue felt a bit more zine-y and this feels a bit more grown up but still just as inspiring. In fact, seeing as some of you will be reading this on International Women's Day (March 8th), might I suggest you track down a copy of this. Published biannually, this 'fashion magazine for intellectual girls' doesn't scrimp on the important issues we women face and makes time for the fun vibrancy of fashion and art that we love. Case in point; these beautiful images you see above. 

Oh Comely: I bloomin' love Oh Comely and have made it my unofficial mission to get more people on the bandwagon this year. Fun fact; when I was in the UK almost eight years back, I stumbled upon an early edition of this in WH Smith. I no longer have it because it met a sad demise in a bathtub and I couldn't find another copy. Trust me, I tried to track one down. Anyway, flash forward several years and I'm back in love with this gem. This issue in particular is brilliant, with an essay on the art of dress up by Rosalind Jana, interviews with Scarlett Curtis and Dolly Alderton, the fantastic story you see above on self-love and kindness, their regular book feature which I always love and more. I'm seriously considering subscribing to this one, if only because my impatience at waiting months for the newsagents near my house to get their stock in frustrates me no end. That and I love it and wouldn't be upset to see it arriving in my mailbox. Ever. 

Cherry Bombe: Not sure if Liv saw my tweets contemplating buying Cherry Bombe but either way I kinda did a metaphorical dance when I say this included. When I worked in a magazine shop I always made a beeline for this and it is a beautiful magazine. Yes this is one for the foodies; the enthusiasts, the eaters and of course the makers. Lately I've really been getting back into making things; food and otherwise so I think this magazine will really inspire me in that regard. That and it's just beautiful design-wise. I've actually ordered the Cherry Bombe cookbook from the local library too so my fix can last a little longer.

-Thanks so much to Liv for these stunning magazines! I've already finished+loved Oh Comely but cannot wait to get into the others because I know I'm in for a treat. Let me know in the comments if you've read these and what you think of them.

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