New in Beauty: Autumn '18

Another month, another lot of beauty newness. While my beauty magpie tendencies seem to be somewhat on the backburner these days, I do still love a new addition to the lineup and especially with the changing of the seasons, I enjoy mixing it up a bit. In saying that, I had a few days last week where I just threw concealer on because leaving for work an hour earlier than usual=less care factor about makeup. Sorry not sorry. Anyway, if you want to hear me wax lyrical on the new, fantastic foursome, keep reading...

Majolica Majorca Mascara: A makeup-loving friend of mine bought this back for me from her travels and I'm not one hundred percent certain if you can buy it in New Zealand. I'll update this if you can. Anyway, I have a feeling Anna may have tried this too, maybe. Either way it was new to me and I love it. The brush is quite unusual, being more like a comb you'd use in your hair with bristles of differing thickness. The mascara itself has a tubing formula I believe which lengthen your lashes like nothing else. The beauty (ha) in this mascara though is really in the wand. At first I was rather perplexed by it because it is so unusual but whatever it is, works. Again I feel mean showing y'all this because I'm not sure how accessible it is but I will do some investigating. 

Soap and Glory Rushower Dry Shampoo: My friend and fellow blogger Cass loves this dry shampoo. In fact I know it often makes an appearance in her empties posts because she's repurchased it a few times. Anyway, it's cheap as chips, I love dry shampoo (don't tell my hair stylist) and there's not much more to it than that. I'm yet to use it-but I have high hopes. 

Glossier Cloud Paint in Beam: I am not a cream blush person usually but these ones I am totally here for. Pigmented, yet easy to blend away to something less intense, long-lasting and flattering on the cheeks. As someone who deals with adult acne, bane of my freakin' existence, cream products that don't draw attention to uneven texture are the best. You can even use these on the lips too, with a bit of balm and I know Fiona's experimented with them on the eyes as well. 

Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Twig: My love for the glitter and glow shadows is well documented around these parts so when I saw that Stila had new additions to the family, well, I did not hesitate. These are definitely less glittery and more metallic in finish, you'll understand if you swatch them. Still absolutely stunning though. This deep bronze reminds me of a limited edition paint pot I used to own called Eclair. It's going to get a thrashing in Winter when I decide to make my eye makeup dark like my soul and the weather perhaps. 

-Have you tried any new beauty bits 'n pieces lately?

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