Five Things: October

Somehow it is October. The evenings are longer-yay for more sunlight and blooms and shadowy light. As I write this I am in an off-the-shoulder, bardot style dress and have my hair pulled back in a bun, feeling chic-er than usual for a Thursday. Oh and I have Cher's ABBA album playing so things are wild. Ahem. Ok before this post veers off in another direction entirely, today we have five things for October. Some beauty, a bit of a love letter to one of my favourite literary heroines and more...

Feelin' Fresh: Oh I am so punny, you really have no idea. When I was in Melbourne last month I paid a fleeting visit to Sephora. Fleeting because that store was more crowded than the aisles of a New Zealand supermarket when liquid gold* is the commodity of choice. I mainly went in search of Fresh because their lip scrub is a gift from the actual gods. I also grabbed their lip balm too because my lips have been insanely dry and neglected so this duo was much needed. If you want to jump on the Fresh train, you can online here

Matilda at 30: My favourite childhood literary heroine turns thirty this year. I may not remember much of reading this book as a young'in but I do know it was the first book I read on my own and it remains my favourite Roald Dahl novel-aside from some extracts from Boy: Tales of Childhood. To celebrate her 30th: Penguin got original illustrator Quentin Blake to imagine what she'd be up to now. My favourite theory is this one but they're all plausible. I really enjoyed Mara Wilson's article about her Matilda experience as well as reading what Daisy had to say.

Flowers for 2019: I feel like it's kinda old school now to have a physical calendar hanging on the wall. They're arguably an aesthetic thing but I couldn't not include this gem from Hydrangea Ranger. It features an array of pressed flowers collaged and then printed on 100% recycled card stock. A calendar that's good to look at and good for the environment. Yes please. I need this in my life.

Tit-Tees: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We all know someone whose life has been changed by cancer, whether that's through a direct diagnosis or the friends and family of those whose lives are impacted. It sucks and it's a shitty part of life but what's not lame are these awesome tees. They're part of the GirlvsCANCER initiative and feature designs by Poppy Chancellor of Poppy's Papercuts. 25% of the sales from each tee sold are split between three charities (all featured). I am adding this one to my wishlist for Summer.

And finally...this interview with Florence Welch and Yrsa Daley-Ward. Go read it. Go soak up the Gucci finery in the photographs and enjoy.

*Shout out to the Whittakers+Lewis Road Creamery chocolate milk extravaganza that took NZ by storm a few years ago. 

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