Women & Their Books: Emma Gordon

I don't want to blow my own trumpet, I do, I so do but there are some fabulous ladies lined up for Women and their Books up to the end of this year. First up we have my self-declared blogging bestie, Emma. She's the woman behind emma etc.. I am undeniably biased but Emma is such a wonderful person and she has the best taste in music, books, fashion, all the things. Go have a nosy at her blog and her Instagram when you are finished here. Now though, Emma and her books...

-What are you currently reading?

Am I Ugly? a non-fiction book written by Michelle Elman who is a body-positive activist. In her childhood she experienced some serious life-threatening health issues where she had to have fifteen surgeries, which left her physically and mentally scarred. Later in the book I presume she’ll talk about how damaging striving for a perfect body can be, and how social media is very focused on how we look – so far, it’s a really compelling story and I’m enjoying it.

-What is your most read book?

I return to Girl Out Of Water by Nat Luurtsema every year. It’s a light and funny read about a girl who trains three boys in synchronised swimming, and they end up in a talent show. I feel like this would translate so well on screen and gives me Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging vibes. Totally innocent, hilarious and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.

-Favourite book written by a woman+why?

Nearly all the books I read are by women so that’s a pretty hard one to answer. I’m going to say Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney – which Sophie actually gave me. Something about that book gave me such a different experience than I’ve ever felt before when reading. It has complex and interesting characters who make mistakes and are sometimes quite awful, so in that way it actually feels like a real story and not fiction. I’m excited to read Sally Rooney’s next book which I’ve just bought, Normal People.

-What is a book you wish you’d written+why?

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman. Her books are so important for young people to read and very in tune with what teens actually do and sound like. If I wrote a book I’d love for it to be as relatable as this one and for my characters to be as diverse and interesting.

-What are some of your favourite YA reads and why?

One of the best authors for YA is Holly Bourne. Her book, What’s A Girl Gotta Do? was really inspiring and something all young people should read to learn about feminism. Sara Barnard’s book A Quiet Kind Of Thunder is so bloody adorable but portrays realistic teen love too. P is for Pearl by Eliza Henry-Jones blew me out of the water – a very unexpected, understated, emotional and lovely story about mental health and family.

-What books are on your wishlist?

Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig as I always pick up his new books, and This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay as I’ve heard it’s hilarious.

*Thanks to Emma for sharing her bookish insights. Be sure to go give her blog and Instagram a follow. All images are c/o Emma's blog. *

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