A day at the shops or how I earned the nickname Rebecca Bloomwood.

If you were wondering about the title reference I do in fact get called Becky Bloomwood occasionally, and often told 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' is based on my life. Although I'd like to point out while that may be the case, I don't have debt collectors on my doorstep every five minutes (or ever)!

Anyway yesterday afternoon I ventured out, and did a fair bit of shopping so I decided to document my purchases. What was so special about this shopping trip (to me at least) was that I was able to purchase things I've been wanting for a while because of saving money.'

1)  Polkadot tape, Glittered Bedrock Bones Bracelet and Card from Pencil Boutique. The bracelet is something I've had my eyes on for a while now, and the hairties are just as cute! Love that mine is the only one they received like that.

2) The card with that envelope from this post and ice cream stickers from Kikki K. Again, the stickers are something I'd been looking at every time I went into the store previously (which is often, by the way) and as the ranges seem to never be around very long I thought I'd better snap them up this time.

3) Vogue Australia, February 2012 (purchased, believe it or not purely for research purposes, more on that later) and Lana Del Rey's album 'Born to Die' which has 3 additional songs on the copy I purchased. Cannot wait to give that some airtime on my iPod soon.

And, just because I love Bedrock Bones here are some more photos of them, from Pencil's blog:

These glittered bedrock bones in particular remind me of Sky Dancers, hopefully some of you remember these. They were a popular toy in the 90's, and when you released a trigger the doll would fly. They were eventually recalled due to the injuries they caused. Also obviously they remind many of us of Pebbles Flintstone. 

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