Monday Muse

For the next while or so Monday Muse will be centred around people whose sense of style inspires me and countless fashionistas around the globe. So who better to start with than the lady who can pull off crazy chic like no other, Helena Bonham Carter!

While she may be first and foremost regarded for her acting finesse (King's Speech anyone?), Helena is quite talented in the fashion world as well. Some of the ensembles she puts together would not work on anyone other than, well, Helena but she does it so incredibly well. As she puts it; "I'm in the stocks perpetually in the UK. They say 'What is she wearing now? How dare she.' Like, criminal acts..I have a responsibility to dress badly now so it's kind of liberating." Helena wears what she wants and does not let criticism or uproar get to her.

Whenever I wear something I think may be a little crazy I try to channel Helena and tune out what others may think.

Her on-screen wardrobes are top notch too. Helena had a lot of input into her Bellatrix costumes for the Harry Potter films for instance, as she wanted to be a sexy witch, clearly after Voldemort's affections, which she pulls off.  Along with the classic all black ensemble from Fight Club pictured above, so simple yet effective in achieving elegance.

-All images sourced from weheartit.com.

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