Why late night coffee consumption can be inspirational and not insane.

Inspiration can (and will) be found at the most unexpected of times. That sentiment must be true, Kikki K have the very thing to back this up. While we're on the subject of Kikki K has anyone seen their gorgeous range of Valentines Day products?? I'm not usually a fan of this holiday and its commercialism, but LOOK at this envelope!

Isn't it so beautiful? My day would be made if something as colourful as this made it into my letterbox.

Anyway, enough about stationery. 'Teen Vogue' has a section in their magazine called View which is put together by Jane Keltner De Valle and covers a range of topics from up and coming designers, musicians, trends to look out for and brilliant blogs. 

The December/January issue profiled a relatively new fixture to the blogosphere called The Coveteur. The site is run by Stephanie Mark and Erin Kleinberg who set out to create a fashion blog which was far from ordinary, and it is safe to say they've succeeded with that. Their site looks at the living spaces, closets, drawers and shelves of designers and fashion's finest, all up close and personal. The aim is to showcase all the items that help the people construct their outfits on a day to day basis. 

Inside Charlotte Ronson's Apartment.

The staircase of Coco Chanel's Apartment in Paris.

All the photographs are beautifully shot and really capture every detail of the spaces and items which define their owner. It is well worth a look just to see the image compositions alone. Hopefully one day soon a book will be compiled of the best images, it'd make a fantastic coffee table read.

Jane Keltner De Valle's closet.

To see the original Teen Vogue Article click here.

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  1. I discovered The Coveteur a while ago, but only now has it gotten to a level where I actually like the stuff going up. It's improved quite a bit since I last looked at it. It's a fairly original idea, and I think that's why it's been so successful. Nothing generates more hits than tickling our voyeuristic side as humans. Who doesn't like seeing the homes of some of fashion's biggest names? It's inspiring, yet at the same time we're getting a huge insight into the kind of person they are, and what their taste is like. And I definitely agree, there needs to be a Coveteur coffee-table book sometime soon. x