Inside the archives, or how my MacBook's desktop came to resemble a pensieve.

My computer is a treasure trove of photos, which I'm sure my hard-drive doesn't appreciate but each month I come across images online from blogs, news sites and my own research mainly. Below is a selection of some of the finds from browsing this month. Enjoy!

Image Sources:

1) Horse themed memorabilia from a shoot by Eleanor Hardwick entitled 'All the Pretty Horses', I love that purple horse photographed by Tim Walker! The story can be found here.

2) A close up of makeup done for Dior's Spring 2008 Couture show. The boldness of this look is just captivating, and the surrealist dots really draw attention to the eyes. From Style.com.

3) From a shoot directed by Grace Coddington. To see more of Grace's masterpieces click here.

4) Backstage at Karen Walker's Fall 2012 show for NYFW by Sonny Vandevelde.

5) From the RARE Chanel archives documented by The Coveteur.

6) An image which appeared in one of French Vogue's editorials from 2011. Love this ensemble!

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