Tumblr and other curiosities.

Before I created this blog Tumblr was my go-to destination for writing, image sharing etc. That is until I realised how ineffective a tool it was for writing especially. Anyway, my Tumblr is a place for sharing images which I come across and love or want to reference later. It's kinda like having my own never ending encyclopedia!

My theme (The Minimalist) is the trickiest to take photos of but I thought this Chanel one was rather cool, as within two days it has a ridiculous amount of notes. Anyway....

I also have a Pinterest which gets updated less frequently nowadays but I cannot bear to delete it. Again, it's another reference point.

Oh, and speaking of the present did you notice my lovely new header? Blogger Nusardel of Mint Maison.com made it for me. I love the Vogue style font and of course the collaged images, all from Rodarte's Spring 2012 RTW collection which can be found here. The new background is from my Photography folio and was one of my favourite shoots to do as it involved silhouetting natural objects in order to make them more mystifying. The original image is below:

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