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The book pile has been taking this reader for a British spin as of late, and will continue to do so, thanks to some newly acquired purchases (UK Vogue and a Roald Dahl autobiography in case you were wondering). Anyway, enough about that! Today I present to you two textbooks of sorts, Luella's Guide to English Style and Tim Walker Pictures.

Luella's Guide to English Style was penned by Luella Bartley, a former fashion designer. As you can see the book's appearance is similar to that of a traditional textbook, and reading this book is an educational experience in itself, detailing the evolution of British Fashion as it unfolds

The book also considers some of Britain's most stylish women with a unique eye, what encompasses British Style, the tribes which have formulated Britain's fashion history and more. If you're a fan of British style and are interested in its roots then this is for you. Bartley's writing is humorous and engaging making this book all the more a worthwhile read.

Illustrations by Zoe Taylor and Daniel Laidler.

Reading Tim Walker Pictures is like falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland and being rewarded for the experience. The book is HUGE, which is no surprise given the demand for Walker's talent. It contains his personal photographs, scrapbook pages and of course his editorial work in particular for British Vogue and Vogue Italia. The majority of images are captioned by Tim with descriptions of how his compositions came to be and what inspired his ideas.

If you're a fan of Tim Walker's whimsical images then this book is worth investing in. While it may be a little on the pricy side it has been worthwhile for me as I often go back to it for references and am always discovering something new each time I read it.

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