June in Pictures

Well June you have been joyous and extremely cold+busy+fun. Half of the year is gone and I've only got a month left of playing Peter Pan, as of today. Now that's frightening food for thought.

Anyway, here's a look at the month that was June! For more of my updates follow me @nanawintour over on Instagram. Captions are below!

1. Revisited my childhood. Every holiday I often just wake up & read undisturbed for an hour. This was the first book I finished after semester ended.

2. All the pretty lights. A friend & I walked along Queens Wharf after dinner one night. This was the view of the lights across the water. 

3. I'm as free as my hair. How did I celebrate exams ending? By having a good deal of my hair chopped off. Admittedly it was scary for the first few days but now I love it. Thanks Emma at Ministry of Hair.

4. Peplum's appearing in many of the chain stores at the moment. I was skeptical about trying this on but can happily report it looks amazing. These tops are super flattering. I'm not sure if it's necessary a classic style though so I'd be cautious about investing in it.

5. Lady Gaga came to town & one of my friends, being the superfan that he is spotted Ed her bodyguard. He came into the coffee shop we were at so this photo was snapped.

6. As a kid I used to love kaleidoscopes. When I discovered one in my cousin's room I had to take this photo.

7. The adventure to Newmarket, rounded off with a divine Petal Cupcake for afternoon tea.

8. That cake I made for two delightful friends of mine & my family. 30 minutes later it was gone...

9. The lovely folk at Nation State sent me some goodies in the mail. More on that later.

10. Finally updated my pinboard. Lots of kitsch, icons and nostalgia.

11. Learnt how to make an iMovie all by myself. Thanks Google for helping a sister out.

12. Introduced an out of towner to Sals Pizza. This is what the best pizza in Auckland looks like. It tastes even better. 

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