Monday Marvel #7

I remember going to one of the first Auckland Art & Craft Fairs two years ago now & being captivated by a duck print lampshade. The vibrancy of the purple colours contrasted with the roughness of the duck illustration really stood out to me & it is still one of my favourite prints by local graphic designer, Evie Kemp.

Now she has a stunning new series of prints featuring a menagerie of animals & cute cards to send on to lovely folk. Standout pieces include the Gypsy Cat series & this Cockatoo.

I was lucky enough to have Evie answer a few of my questions about her work this week. Read on if you want more insights into this designer's work.

1. I love your latest Gypsy Cat series. What inspired you to create them?

-Primarily I think the adorned cats really came about from my interest in fashion. Lately there have been so many tribal and ethnic influences in fashion that I just love and I couldn't resist dressing up some cats. I've been looking at the American Indian belief in spirit animals as well as the importance and glorification of animals in ancient cultures and kind of played with these ideas in a materialistic way. I was also inspired by the pastel colour palette and departing from my usual bright colour blocking.

2. What is your favourite design that you've done and why?

-Of my prints I think Savage Dog is my favourite. I think he really embodies how I like to see my work-pretty fierce, very bright and with some nice big teeth. The element of crazy in his eye is something I like to capture. Needless to say he's not particularly popular but to me he is very much 'Evie Kemp'. 

3. What inspires you in your work?

-Trying to do something different, trying to catch someone's eye, trying to create something that gives me that creative satisfaction. I won't lie and say positive feedback isn't a huge inspiration for me, knowing people are interested in my work, being asked to feature on a blog (!), talking to someone that has bought art from me, stocking shops...all give me a huge boost of inspiration to keep working, and keep coming up with new ideas.

4. Finally, what is the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

-When I was in my final year of University my Mum gave me a card that read; "We must absolutely do what we love else we risk doing nothing at all". I always live by those words and even when times are hard or low, I know this is what I love and therefore what I must do. I know how fortunate I am to be able to do what I love and I try never to take it for granted.

Thank you so much for answering my questions Evie!

For more of Evie Kemp's work visit her Etsy store,  check her site for Stockists & like her Facebook page.

-Image Credits: All images are direct from Evie's Facebook page.

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