July in Pictures

Well July, you have been a jumble. It was almost like life went to the pick & mix bins. There was the good, the not so good & everything in between. July was rather relaxing though & a lot of fun & exciting things happened.

Without further ado, here's a look at July documented as always by Instagram with some help from Diptic & Pic Fx.

Captions are below!

1. 'Something is brewing, & 'bout to begin'. Mary Poppins the Musical is heading to Auckland!! This is my firm childhood favourite. I'm ever so slightly biased but...you all should go & see it. It's amazing.

2. My MAC 'essentials' from America Direct arrived while I was away. I've been using them all since i got back & am mostly loving them. Look out for a review of these later this week.

3. I now have over 100 followers on Instagram! Thanks to everybody who's followed me, liked or commented on my photos. Are you on Instagram? Follow me, @nanawintour.

4. Visited Newmarket with Britney! I rarely go to Newmarket although recently I've been visiting more often. Here's a selection of what we saw on Nuffield Street in Alannah Hill & Karen Walker.

5. I love the way the trees look in winter. They're so haunting & beautiful. This one in particular stood out though because it reminded me of the detailing on a Rodarte gown & their crochet-esque tights from a few seasons or so ago.

6. All the pretty daffodils. These were given to my Mum by a friend of hers. Has anyone seen 'Big Fish'? There's a scene where Ewen McGregor fills a field with daffodils for his future love. I think that's also why I love them.

7. Who remembers this movie? I've been looking for it on DVD for years as it's a childhood favourite. I may just have to go back & get this from the shop I saw it in.

8. This was the stage curtain at the Civic during the New Zealand Film Festival. The Civic is an incredibly beautiful theatre. I love it.

9. Donna Hay's Kids Annual has just been released for the year. As always it contains beautiful recipes & food styling. This is from a fairy themed story & was shot by Chris Court. I love his work.

10. I'm recording my first ever album! Not really, but this is inside the sound booth in one of the buildings where I study. I never knew this existed so I had to share my excitement through a photo.

11. Mid City Arcade in Auckland. This makes me think of the beautiful arcades in Melbourne, a city I love.

12. C & I had a spontaneous coffee & cake trip last week. We visited BOX Cafe where they had Whoopie Pies, Macarons & Cake Pops. It was a tough decision but I settled on a Cake Pop, which I'd never tried before. It was amazing, incredibly indulgent. One day I will attempt to make these.

13. I love decorating books, my walls, nails, diaries...anything really! This is the inside cover of my book for a Writing paper I'm studying. I like to think it helps keep me motivated.

14. Britney of Lemonwood & Honey had her nails done by the lovely Leah Light over the weekend. Aren't they stunning? This is a colour called Hotness which is my favourite Colour Gloss colour. 

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