What I Love Weekly #14

1.  This recipe from Dani's blog. Doesn't it sound amazing & look so simple to do? I'm making this tonight for our dinner.

2. 1 hour makeup runs. Yesterday M & I caught up on one of our breaks in between classes and visited various beauty departments up & down Queen Street. I didn't do too much damage to my Eftpos card in 60 minutes and only escaped with a Chanel Glossimer in Jalousie

Jalousie is the 8th from the right in this image.

3. Forget every traditional Dolly Varden cake you've ever seen and look at this one Britney of Lemonwood & Honey made! I'm probably a little biased because she's my friend but I think this is a stunning cake. I love the piping on her skirt.

4. Getting stuff done. This week my 'To-Do' list has been more or less entirely crossed off. This is such a rarity for me & seeing all those ticks is so satisfying.

Seeing as the London Olympics are just around the corner I've made a collage this week. It features English Roses & Style Icons, Alexa Chung & Florence Welch.

5. This necklace by Sparkle Beast Design on Etsy. I love dramatic, sparkly, overstated jewellery like this.

6. Farmers Beauty Club Sales! Yesterday a friend of mine was showing me her makeup bag & I swatching some of her colours. I really loved one of the looks I made so set off to buy two eyeshadow colours. Long story short they were both 20% (Rimmel) & 25% (L'Oreal) off. I believe Natio, fragrances & possibly more are on sale too until the 30th of July. Get yourselves there.

7. Isaac's take on Moonrise Kingdom. I absolutely loved this movie & he covers everything there is to love about the film so go & have a read. 

8. You know you've had a good week when you come home and nearly lose your voice two nights running.

9. There is a beautiful Alexa Chung zine here on Etsy. There's only 1 available at the moment so hopefully she prints some more.

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  1. Oh thankyou so much for the feature :) I think those photographs looks a little silly (of the cake). See you tomorrow!
    And I want to visit the theatre that Isaac went to.
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey