What I Love Weekly #12

1. Overheard on the train last week; "Every day is a good day." This is what one of the ticket collectors said when quizzed about his job. Sometimes hearing things like this at a time when you think the world's been pulled from under your feet can make all the difference.

2. The people in life who are just magic. That sounds really corny, I know. Basically it's those people who have good energy. They are so full of positivity & just being in their presence can make you feel fantastic. I'm lucky to have a handful of people in my life like this.

3. Party planning. This week I've been helping organise my brother's birthday dinner. I love compiling menus, thinking of decorations & of course what I'll cook. Birthday parties are the best.

4. Going back to basics with Kikki K's latest stationery range. Sometimes all you need is a simply designed product and these Swedish gems deliver again. I got the trio of blue notebooks for my study notes this semester. I love these colours but I do have plans to decorate the inside covers to make them a bit more exciting.

My latest nails by Leah showcased through Picfx. If you have an iPhone you should buy this! It is the Narnia of photo filters.
5. This interview by Aych with Murray Bevan, a leading figure in New Zealand's fashion industry. Read it and be inspired.

6. Masterchef Australia. This show is admittedly my guilty pleasure. I love watching the hopefuls invent dishes and the work which goes into the presentation of their dishes. I'm addicted.

7. Movie times. In the last week I've seen the Katy Perry documentary (twice) and The Amazing Spiderman. I hardly ever go to the movies because it's so expensive to go but these two movies have been worth every penny. Go see them both if you haven't already. You can read my review of Katy's documentary here.

8. 'Money is the anthem of success'.  Lana Del Rey's music video for National Anthem is here! I've always loved the song but the video supports it beautifully. Amazing styling and concept.

9. My iPod. I may have mentioned this before but I am obsessed with music, more so the music contained in my iTunes library. I'd be forever lost without an iPod.

10. My lips are thanking MAC Cosmetics this week. Their Lip Conditioner & Suntints with SPF20 are to thank for that. My lips feel fantastic. A full review on all the new makeup I seem to have acquired lately is coming soon!

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