Monday Marvel #6

Flowers & installations are one of my favourite things ever. They're such a colourful, visual feast. Some of my fondest memories are the times I made flower arrangements at primary school. So when I saw the  photos of Dior's Haute Couture set at  Paris Fashion week, a part of my heart melted.

Hard at work piecing together one of the floral walls.

The final installation featured over one million flowers. The total process took four days, with all the flowers being arranged by hand right up until the last minute. As you can see the final result looks amazing. Imagine having a floral wall in your house. If I become a zillionaire, I will have a floral wall guaranteed.

Here's a video of the installation coming together over those four days. Hello visual feast!

I am in love with this table setting. It's so pretty.

Image Credits

-Dior images via Fashion Spot.

-Floral images via Pinterest.

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