October in Pictures

October you are (almost) officially over. You were also a little bit outrageous, optimistic & outstanding (thanks Jenny!). Gosh it's hard thinking of adjectives beginning with 'O'. As I said yesterday October went so so quickly & so much was happening.

As always, there was lots of photo taking this month on both my phone & my proper camera. Here's what happened in October;

Presents from Australia. Thanks Mum & Dad!
Kikki K know their stuff.

Packing for a weekend away to the seaside.
This is a Pineapple Lump Sorbet. Pineapple Lumps are a New Zealand lolly & they are amazing so it was inevitable that this dessert would be divine.

What I saw walking along the seafront one morning.
We went to a celebration & a high tea of sorts followed. This is a cupcake from the kids table which us 'big kids' stole along with Eskimo Lollies. Nom!

We went to Mary Poppins & it was spectacular. I blogged about it too.
Britney was shooting pictures for her Photography folio one day & I went along too. This is one of the shots from a sequence involving girls dressed prettily in a supermarket.

My Evie Kemp decal arrived! I love how it brightens up my black & white wall.
New nails by Petrina at Magic Tan & Beauty. I love the stripes & the stars.

An out-take from Monday's post. 
I made ice-blocks yesterday! They were delicious. Read more about those here.

And now for some DSLR magic...

Coconut M & M's are yum, and I don't even like Coconut in Chocolate very much.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am glad you enjoyed it :P And I must try out those ice blocks over summer. They taste lovely in my mind :P