What I Love Weekly #25

1. You may remember Evie Kemp's work from my Monday Marvel posts a while back now. Well she has just released the coolest Wall Decals. There is a Cat Wreath which is so gorgeous, in fact I'm buying it for my wall today. You should definitely click here to go have a look at them!

2.  These shoes. I'm ever so slightly biased as these just joined my shoe collection.  My gladiator sandals just broke too so I may just have to go back & get some of them from Hannahs as well.

3. "You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy."

4. All the blush pink things like this Lace Peplum top from Glassons, skirts, blusher with a slight shimmer, Essie's 'Sugar Daddy' nail polish...the list is endless!

Let's stop & take a moment to acknowledge how amazing Keira Knightley looks in this photo. Featured in Vogue US, October 2012.

5. The Christmas Display in Smith & Caugheys. Yes Christmas is still a reasonable time away but there's nothing like walking in & seeing plenty of beautiful, glittery decorations & ornaments after a not so sparkly day. Definitely go have a look at it if you're in Auckland.

6. Plug time! I did another guest post for Hazel Loves Design blog on Monday. This time I looked at four of my favourite fashion books which no coffee table or  fashion library should be without. Have a read of it here.

7. Random catch ups. This week I saw so many different friends & people I know. It was like the Sunshine bought everybody out of hiding! Nonetheless it was lovely seeing you all, if any of you are reading this.

8. Tim Walker's latest book is nothing short of extraordinary. His Roald Dahl shoot is featured, portraits of Alexander McQueen & some still images like flowers in a gelatin mould are a few of the many highlights. You can purchase it here. Definitely one to add to the wishlist.

9. Marina Prior's cover of SOS. Yes, that is the ABBA song. For some reason I am really loving her rendition this week.

10. Feeling charitable & live in New Zealand? Add a block of Whittaker's White Chocolate & Raspberry block to your trolley. 20 cents from every block sold is being donated to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.

*After next week I will be back to normal posting! That dreaded A word, which may or may not be Assignments will be all over. Thank heavens!

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