What I Love Weekly #26

1. An afternoon at the theatre. On Sunday I went with my brother & some family friends to watch Mary Poppins at The Civic. It was spectacular & I'll talk more about it in my review later on. I usually prefer evening shows but there is something about matinees which are rather lovely, in my opinion.

2. Cold drinks in the sunshine. This activity is best enjoyed with someone lovely.

3. Photo shoot fun! This week Britney was taking pictures for her Photography folio in the graveyard & the supermarket & I went along for the ride. Her concept was seriously cool, there was balloons, streamers & plenty of tulle. She'll be posting some of the photos on her blog when she's done so keep an eye out.

4. Ice Cream nails! I sadly don't have a photo but Company Magazine featured these in their August issue & they looked seriously cute. They'd be perfect for Summer if you're good at nail art.

5. Some Blog Posts I've been loving: Lady Melbourne's St Frock post, I am obsessed with that floral dress & Isaac Likes' post about trench coats & the costuming in An Education, one of my all time favourite films in terms of costuming.

Ruby Red Slippers & Baby Blue Socks, I love this look!

6. Future beauty hauls. On Wednesday I made my next America Direct list after thinking about what I wanted for the last few weeks or so. It probably can't really be called a haul because of the lack of items on the list but nonetheless it will still be exciting to have these products & tools to own.

7.  Meeting new friends & reuniting with not so new friends from abroad has been happening this week. It's always fun showing people around your city & of course catching up. 

8. The fact that we talked about Anna Wintour in one of my classes this week. We also watched part of The September Issue & had a discussion about Anna. Definite highlight of my life at University so far.

9. It is Labour Weekend!! Town always goes quiet at this time of year as people go away for the long weekend & it is the best time to go into the city. I'll be mixing up socialising with revision & finishing some Uni work & perhaps watching some Gossip Girl in between. Basically I love long weekends.

10.  Pearl of wisdom for the week: "Let the beauty we love be what we do."

I hope you all have fabulous weekends! If you're in the Southern Hemisphere take time to enjoy the Sunshine.

*Oh & one last thing. Did you miss my post on Wednesday? I am doing a giveaway!! The prize includes: Frankie's 50th Issue, A Manuka Skin Dr Repairing Cream & plenty more treats. Definitely go to the link & enter! I am loving people's responses so far.


  1. Hey hey!! Thanks for mentioning my crazy photoshoot! I've just been through all of them and now have a more giant list to edit :P

    1. Hey I couldn't help but sneak my way over to your blog after seeing Soph mention it, love your happy snaps :) xo