What I Love Weekly #24

1.  How little time it is until Christmas! For once I am excited & not stressed, my list of presents to buy is pretty strict & I have some cute DIY's planned for the special people in my life. It's just an awesome time of year, not to mention all the glittery decorations & of course Starbucks' Christmas Drinks. I love it.

2. Weekends away. This weekend, tomorrow actually, I am heading off for a few days for a family occasion. I'm looking forward to reading, exploring a city I haven't visited in a long time & doing minimal work (shh).

3. Dot by Marc Jacobs. It seems inevitable that I end up falling in love with every Marc Jacobs fragrance but this one is just amazing! The scent contains notes of red berries, dragon fruit, honeysuckle, orange blossom, vanilla & musk. The bottle is also really gorgeous. Visit your nearest department store immediately & be prepared to fall in love with it.

4. It is 8 more days until I get to visit the most gorgeous theatre in Auckland. The occasion of course is to see Mary Poppins with friends & family. I'm so excited to see this show in New Zealand. Have your parrot handled umbrellas & carpetbags at the ready.

How pretty do these Petal Cupcakes look? They were perfect for a lunchtime meeting this week.

5. My new Marina Prior cd. For those who don't know, Marina Prior is an Australian Music Theatre Legend but her album explores music from a mix of genres. I love what I've heard so far & can't wait to hear the rest on the plane tomorrow.

6. Lesson of the week: If you can get something high quality for less, always take advantage of it. That is applicable to so many things.

7. 30 Days of DSLR Goodness. This month instead of doing my monthly Instagram post I have decided to document October using my DSLR camera which gets neglected far too often. So far I haven't been able to take it out a lot because the weather hasn't been ideal for taking photographs. It will be with me all weekend & the rest of the month, weather permitting of course!

8. Gossip Girl box sets, always. Watching an episode is the easiest way to unwind after a long day, for me at least.

9. Sample sized beauty products are the best. I seem to have quite a few samples at the moment so I'm trying to make my way through them. They're perfect for traveling & are the easiest ways to trial new products before buying. Some counters will even give you samples to try without purchase if you're lucky.

10. This song by The Jungle Giants has been on repeat this week. It reminds me of Vampire Weekend for some reason. Listen to it & dance around your room, as I did.

-I hope you all have fabulous weekends! I decided to post this earlier than usual as we leave rather early tomorrow morning. 

Oh & while I'm here, my posting over the next two weeks won't be as frequent as I have several major assignments due in & they'll demand the most of my time & attention. 

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  1. Major love for 3, 7 and those cupcakes <3