10 Things [Holiday Inspired]

So this post is inspired by my lovely friend/fellow blogging extraordinaire Britney. I guess you could say that we both like daydreaming a fair bit & at the moment those dreams seem to be pointing towards November. November is the time that exams & University are over, well sort've, but more on that later... I cannot wait for Summer to arrive, being able to do as I please & relax.

So without further ado, here is my list of 10 things I'm very much looking forward to doing from November onwards.

See my list after the jump!

1. Sleeping in. During the week I wake up far too early & go to bed far too late. During the holidays however I can wake up whenever I please which means I will get more sleep! I am looking forward to lie ins reading or watching DVD box sets with the sunlight streaming in through my curtains.

2. Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition. I have been wanting to fix my blog's layout & do a total redesign for a long time. A long long long time. I also want to have someone design some business cards for me.  Both these things have been neglected all year & I will finally have time to do them over my long holiday. I can't wait!

3. Travelling. I've just realised (all going to plan) that I will be going on 3 separate trips over Summer. They'll all be within New Zealand too which is completely fine by me. I love going away on holidays, they really are the best time to relax & go exploring+adventuring & have fun of course!

4. DIY'ing. Fun fact: Back in the day I was an avid scrapbooker but apart from that I haven't really dabbled in much Art & Craft, mainly because I never had the patience. Lately I've been following a lot more of my friend's & fellow bloggers 'DIY' boards over on Pinterest & there are some rather awesome ideas out there. My favourites include; Died Doilies, Paper Flowers, Handmade Envelopes & more.

5. Making sweet treats. Again, Pinterest is the perfect place to find recipes to try out like these Oreo Cake Pops or the Chia Seed desserts I blogged a couple of weeks ago. I'll also be going through my cookbooks & food magazines, making dinners & desserts for my obliging friends & family.

6. Picnics at the beach followed by mandatory frozen yoghurt, care of Kiwi Yo. Yes, this is incredibly specific but it's how I imagine a picnic at Mission Bay to be.

7. Polaroid Adventures. Taking pictures with a Polaroid is one of the most unpredictable ways to take photos. It is definitely one of the most fun though. Buying new film is always an exciting thing as well.

8. Reading. Again, something I rarely have the time or energy for when I'm studying. Grace Coddington & Tim Walker both have books coming out before the end of the year so I will be kept busy.

9. Market & Fair Trips. Confession hour: Farmers Markets are one of my favourite things to visit on the weekend. I also love going to Art & Craft Markets. Thankfully December & November see both the MOAD & Auckland Art & Craft Fairs taking place. As for Markets, I'm looking forward to finally paying La Cigale (the French Markets) a visit.

10. Corresponding & Socialising. I owe somebody a much overdue letter, somebody else a parcel & then somebody else a surprise letter. Thankfully the holidays allow plenty of time for handwritten letters! Also there will be plenty of time to catch up with people I haven't seen in far too long. So basically, the holidays will be radtastic. 

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