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This week has been extra festive. I've been surrounded by lights, gifts, cards & more at any given moment. So when I saw this Christmas Questionnaire on Fleur's vlog channel yesterday I felt compelled to publish this on my own blog, so here it is!!

1. What is your favourite holiday nail polish? I own a lot of sparkly nail polishes but my ultimate favourite for Christmas time has got to be OPI's Animal-istic from their Muppets collection. It is the perfect Ruby Slipper red & it looks so so pretty on nails.

Animal-Istic by OPI.

2. What is your favourite holiday movie? Hmm, when I was younger I used to always like watching Elmo Saves Christmas & The Muppet Christmas Carol, even though the latter was rather sad! Nowadays my favourite is Love Actually hands down. I watch it every Christmas Eve. If you haven't seen it this gift wrapping scene is rather entertaining.

3. Share your favourite Summer accessory. I tend to wear a lot more bracelets in Summer than any other time of year, I'm not really too sure why. My favourites at the moment are still the Bedrock Bones ones. They are great to wear by themselves or layered up.

4. Describe or show your favourite Christmas Ornament. This is an ornament that I got this year, I'm rather terrible at describing decorations so I'll let the picture speak for itself;

So pretty!
5. If you could have one wish come true this year, what would it be? This is a tough one. I know some people who are going through hard times at the moment so I guess my one wish is that Christmas could be a memorable, pleasant day for them.

6. If you could kiss one celeb under the mistletoe, who would you kiss? It seems an appropriate time to be listening to this. This is a hard question too!! In an ideal world I'd kiss the lovely Andrew Garfield.

7. What's your New Year's Resolution? I usually set these on New Years Eve/Day depending on what I'm doing so as of yet I don't have any in mind.

8. What keeps you going during the "Holi Daze"? If I'm tired Christmas Shopping or need a caffeine fix then I head to Starbucks for one of their Christmas Drinks! They are so so good. If I'm at home & need some down time then I'll use one of Lush's Bubble Bars or Bath Ballistics in the bath.

9. How do you celebrate the holidays with your family? We don't tend to go away at Christmas nowadays but usually we have a Christmas Lunch with extended family at either my house or someone else's. We also visit some family for morning tea some time & occasionally we have family friends over for Christmas Dinner. 

10. Your favourite holiday song? Generally I find Christmas Music unbearable. Compilation CD's & Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' tend to send me running for the hills. I do like She & Him's 'A Very She & Him Christmas' album though. My favourite song off that would have to be 'Baby It's Cold Outside' but I don't really have a standalone favourite song.

Image via Pinterest.

11. Show a childhood photo of you at the holidays! My family tended to film our Christmas Days rather than photograph them & there are some highly embarrassing photos+childhood outfits that aren't going to make it online anytime soon!

Myself, my brother & one of my cousins '98. I always loved our Christmases at Papamoa.

12. What's your favourite winter candle scent? As it's Summer in the Southern Hemisphere we don't usually tend to light candles at Christmas but when I do it has to be my Tocca Cleopatra candle. It leaves my room smelling perfumed for hours afterwards.

13. What's your favourite holiday candy? Hmm, we don't usually have specific NZ holiday candies. There is a shop at Sylvia Park that makes Christmas Rock Candy & they have some shaped like mini Christmas puddings! They are tasty & cute.

14. What's your elf name (favourite nail polish+name of your first pet)? Rainbow Connection Sacha...that sounds so so weird!

And now for the fun part...I am going to tag some bloggers to do this over on their blogs! 

I tag: Maria of Avenue M, Britney of Lemonwood & Honey & Hannah from hannahrogersx.

And I tag you!!

-If anyone does this please leave a link in the comments so we can all read each other's posts.

*I hope you've enjoyed this post! I had fun answerng these questions. 

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