What I Love Weekly #33

1. It is 11 days until Christmas! 11 mere days, I am so looking forward to the next few weeks & those following Christmas. Bring it on I say.

2. Can we all take a moment to appreciate how beautiful these Valentino ballet flats are? I hope someone on the high street reinterprets these. Topshop, I'm looking at you..

3. The fact that Kiwi Yo had their Pink Lemonade froyo in stores this week. It is really more like a sorbet & it is my favourite because it is so good!

4. Business Cards, in particular my new ones. I can't wait for you all to see them. They're very pretty for cards I must say.

5. Burning delightfully scented candles. I love doing this mainly because it makes it feel more like I'm channeling a White Christmas. Does that even make sense? Candle burning just doesn't seem much of a Summery thing to me. Anyway...

6. The Jo Malone store in Auckland. I love Jo Malone fragrances so much, they're all beautiful.

Kiwi Yo is amazing! End of story.

7. This charming interview with Zoe Walker of VIVA Magazine talking about her favourite books, fashion moments in literature & the like. It made me want to pull out my old Madeline books & re-read Matilda.

8. Some YouTube Goodness: Zoe's vlog of a day with Louise is laugh out loud funny as is Fleur's Q & A. Oh & this music video is never not worth watching. Helena Bonham Carter's in it. Need I say more?

9. Presents by numbers. Britney gave me all the essentials for a tea party as a Christmas Present! I loved how everything was numbered & explained. There was also lots of glitter in the parcels. Basically it was just one rather cool present.

10. Evie's Christmas Gift Guides are the best of the bunch! If you haven't shopped yet then you should definitely look at these posts for some ideas. I found myself lusting after many an item on these lists.

11. The Auckland Art & Craft Fair last weekend. We came, we saw, we left with lots of crafty goodness! In plain English; it was well worth heading along to & I can't wait until the next one in June.

12. This documentary about all the Fashion Editors at Vogue. I really hope this is released here in the not too distant future, or on DVD!

Some Extras:

-I reviewed Maybelline's new 14HR lipsticks over on nzgirl. You can have a read of it here.
-I'm running another blog giveaway!! I'd love it if you entered. That post can be found over here.

*I hope you all have a grand Friday & weekend! I'm not too sure what I'll be doing but I know I am seeing The Hobbit on Saturday night which should be fantastic! 

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  1. Pink lemonade froyo! That sounds amazing!! And I am so glad you liked your present :)! And yay! Going to see The Hobbit! How fun! Hope you dress up because that'd make it even more awesome!! Britney :)