What I Love Weekly #34

1. I really can't stay, well actually you should stick around & make sure you listen to this. She & Him's Christmas album is going to continue to be the best for another year, at least until they make another record!

2. I'm a little bit of an interiors lover, I'm not going to lie. If you are too then you need to watch this room tour by British YouTuber Zoella. She has a stunning setup & I love her usage of vintage tins for storage & all her gorgeous antique mirrors.

3. The lovely folk behind Frankie Magazine are pretty clever at designing all sorts of gorgeous knick knacks for their fans. Well, they have done it again with this lovely little Gift Paper book. These would look so lovely wrapped around someone's presents or as pinboard backdrops. Want!

4. In case you'd all forgotten it is 4 days until Christmas!!! Ok resume normal blogging...

5. Those lovely people in life who can make the worst day ever become the best just by being them. PS-You are amazing.

Speaking of amazing, how good does this look?!

6. Getting my nails done is always a good time, and a fun time, and an inspiring time. You get the point, I love it!

7. Cat Cushion Covers, specifically Navy Cat Cameo ones. I absolutely need this in my life, seeing as I cannot afford any of the other lovely things in this collection. 

8. Those times when you go out, not necessarily because you have to but just because you want to. 

9. The very talented Colleen of Dear Colleen has designed a range of printable goodies which are perfect to accompany Christmas gifts! This includes bookmarks, bunting & some rather radtastic cards. I've been printing them out & using the covers on the front of Christmas gifts to jazz them up a bit. Check out these Gandalf ones here.

10. "Self respect is not arrogance"-Spotted on a sign yesterday.

11. The fact that I managed to cook dinner & climb onto a windowsill to take photographs of something outside at the same time. Yes, I am multi-talented...

12. Did you see that pretty dessert picture up above? It's from a little place called Whites Freezery in the Britomart Precinct & that was one of the nicest healthy frozen yoghurts I have ever had!! Seriously it was so so good. Definitely pay them a visit if you're nearby.

*As always I hope you all have wondrous weekends! The next few days are going to be busy with Christmas Parties & Prep aplenty, I'm really looking forward to it! I won't be posting on this blog again until after Christmas but keep an eye out for a Guest Post over on Hazel Loves Design on Monday. 

I also hope you all have fabulous, festive Christmas Days with your friends & loved ones! Thank you again for all your support of Nana Wintour Blog over the past year. You are all amazing xo.

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