What I Love Weekly #32

1. So I believe, and this is a big claim, that I have found the best Starbucks Christmas drink..ever! Admittedly I did see Tanya Burr tweeting about it first but that's not the point..it is amazing. What is this drink? White Chocolate Mocha with a Peppermint Shot/Syrup, it is so so good & is the epitome of Christmas in a cup.

2. Watching 13 Going On 30. I remember going to this with a group of friends for my 12th birthday. What I didn't remember was just how awesome this movie is. If you haven't seen it then you should watch it sometime.

3. Walking along Franklin Rd to look at the Christmas Lights. The houses look beautiful covered in twinkling lights & the whole street sparkles during December. I love it.

4. The Telegraph published this interview with Anna Wintour a few weeks back. If you have a few minutes to spare then have a read of this as it makes for interesting reading.

5. Blogger's Club on Wednesday Night. This is always a good time & we had Wendy Thompson come speak to us about utilising Facebook pages better. It was so valuable. It was also lovely to catch up with bloggers I've met before & new faces like Amanda from Here Comes The Sun & Meagan from thisismegankerr.

Enhiko Mihalik via Fashion Gone Rogue.

6. Upcoming art fairs. Tomorrow is the Auckland Art & Craft Fair! I'm heading along with Britney to hopefully nab some lovely handmade bargains. If you need further enticing, the lovely folk from Nice Blocks will be outside with the most delicious iceblocks in the whole world town so you can treat yourself post shop!

7. It is 5 days until The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is released in New Zealand. To say I am excited would be a total understatement. Can the 12th hurry up & arrive?!

8. Adele wrote the title song for the latest James Bond film, Skyfall. It is really very good & just reinforces Adele's talent. On that note, I can't wait for her next album!

9. Reading Grace Coddington's memoirs. I won't say too much about this now as I am reviewing it for you all on my blog some time next week but it is amazing. I love how the text is broken up with Grace's own drawings & photos from her life+body of work. This is one to add to your Christmas wishlists.

10. The glittery Christmas cards I sent out to friends & family this year. They're by a designer called Tom Smith & are beautifully designed & are sparkly, which of course is a huge bonus!

-I hope you've all had lovely weeks! I've just returned home from Christmas Shopping which I've now finished, YAY! Now I'm going to have a movie night I think. I hope you all have fabulous weekends xo.


  1. 13 going on 30 aka Suddenly 30, I love that movie! THRILLER

  2. What an amazing post! Love!

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