Goodbye 2012!

You sure were one crazy ride. Plenty of awesome things happened; I saw two of the biggest Broadway Musicals in Auckland, travelled overseas, attended New Zealand Fashion Week for the first time, made new friends, stopped biting my nails & blogged my heart out. Of course there was the occasional speed bump but I do believe everything that did happen was for a reason & we can learn from the challenges we all face.

The New Year is 50 minutes away as I write this & I've set a few New Years Resolutions. Those I will keep to myself  as they are fairly boring but I have done some goal setting for 2013 so I'll share some of my 2013 dreams with you:

-Give my blog's layout an overhaul & add new features. This will not only make Nana Wintour Blog an easier read but will hopefully add benefits to my little corner of the internet.
-Learn new recipes, both dessert & dinner. I get too familiar with recipes I love & really want to try new ones out next year.
-Travel overseas.

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