Monday Marvel #22: Say hello to Korres!

Korres are a Greek Beauty+Skincare company who are intent on only using natural ingredients in their products. This is one of the many reasons to love their products. I've been trying one of the lip butters & have loved it so much that I thought you'd like to hear about them too!

Pictured; Jasmine, Quince & Guava.

Korres have a range of 6 lip butters; Quince, Pomegranate, Mango, Guava, Jasmine & Wild Rose. I own the Jasmine one & it smells divine, like cookies actually! It also works really well too. Once the balm comes into contact with your lips it will melt into them. The lip butter is quite possibly the most moisturising one out there & the colours all add a nice tint to your lips too. 

So the answer is yes, you do need these in your beach bag this Summer!

-Korres Lip Butters can be bought online at ASOS or Feel Unique.

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