January in Pictures

Well January, to put it quite simply you were amazing, spectacular, fun filled & memorable. So many exciting & incredible things happened this month. There was lots of adventure, chatting, plans & new dreams coming to fruition. This month has certainly been a great start to the year & I can't wait to see what February has in store!

Here's what my lens captured in January;

Behind the scenes on this post.
My new bracelet was worn an awful lot this month! I love it & at $5 it was an absolute steal.

M & I had a bit of a shopping+late Christmas present exchanging day. That Bobbi Brown gem will definitely be in a post coming up soon. 
The view of Hahei from A's holiday house. It is such a beautiful place.

I finally got a copy of The Perks Of Being The Wallflower to read! It is an incredible book. I need to see the movie now.
Diaries should be pretty I've decided, especially if they're for Uni or School as this one is.

Some new MAC things I scored at Blogger's Club last night! I can't wait to try them out.
Pretty flowers on the table at Martha's Pantry in Wellington last weekend. 

Starbucks is happiness in a cup, more so if it is free like this one was. On a side note, I drink way too much coffee during the Semesters! I earn free drinks too quickly..
We are all gems.

I gave myself a pedicure & used these pretty colours! They're my 2 favourite OPI colours that I have.
M & I also had Whites Freezery treats which were amazing as always.

Style stalking: Loved this girl's glittery strappy wedge sandals! Does anyone know where these are from?
I've been re-reading the Carrie Diaries over the last few weeks whilst I wait for new episodes to air in the States. I hope Candace Bushnell writes another book in this series.

♥ This month truly has been amazing & there is definitely some cool things happening on the blog in the next few months or so which I am excited for!

♥ Today I will: Do relief work for the day, go on a magazine mission & get excited about Friday! x


  1. Did you know that there is another book after the Carrie Diaries? "Summer and the city" (Really good book, even better than the first!)


    1. I sure do! I own that one as well but hopefully now the show's being successful there'll be more books.