What I Love Weekly #38

1. Weekend adventures. I'm off to Wellington this weekend! The last time I was there was over 2 years ago & I'm looking forward to revisiting exploring the sights, visiting galleries, eating at delicious cafes & more.

2. This photo of George Harrison is currently on display in the Who Shot Rock & Roll exhibit in Auckland. I love the composition of this image & its reference to the theme that was Beatlemania. If you like The Beatles & rock+roll musicians from the last 60 years or so then you need to go check this exhibition out.

3. The lovely folk at Focus Features have posted the Moonrise Kingdom script online! The best part about this is that it contains stills from the film, design sketches, artwork & storyboards. If you loved the film then you should head here to download this to read.

4. The Carrie Diaries recently launched on tv in the States & it is all kinds of fabulous. The styling in the show is done by one of the stylists on Gossip Girl & it is really well done, 80's fashion without looking noticeably dated. The books are also well worth a read too.

Annasophia Robb, star of the Carrie Diaries in Teen Vogue's February issue. I am crazy obsessed with this eye makeup!

5. "Always find beauty in things that are odd & imperfect-they are much more interesting." -Marc Jacobs.

6. Second hand bookstores. Lately I've been inspired by the Instagrams I've seen of other blogger's thrift store finds so I set out to my local second hand bookstore & Opportunity Shop on Wednesday. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for in the Op Shop but I did leave the bookstore with a couple of books I hadn't read in a very long time & could've easily spent all afternoon in there. I can't wait to do some more thrifting next month.

7. OOB organic Peppermint Chip ice cream! This is the best ice cream I've ever tasted, seriously it is so good. 

8. Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter is running monthly Bedroom Beauty challenges over on her blog. Basically she gives you key words & you interpret them however you wish to create your own beauty look. The idea behind this is to encourage you to use products you mightn't otherwise use & to practice new techniques/looks. It's really fun & you don't have to share photos unless you want to! I've posted a photo over on Facebook of the products I used to achieve my look.

-I hope you all have fabulous weekends! Enjoy your long weekend if you're one of my Auckland friends or readers. I'll be back on Monday with my January Favourites post for you all xo.


  1. Absolutely LOVED The Carrie Diaries, as soon as it finished I was hunting down the next episode, gutted it isn't on TVNZ On Demand yet! It was always going to be a great show, but I have to admit I was a little surprised how much I love it!!

    :) Hazel

    1. Isn't it just fabulous?? It hasn't played anywhere outside the States yet, as far as I'm aware. Hopefully we get it on tv here later in the year :), hopefully. x

  2. Don't even get me started on The Carrie Diaries! Aside from Downton Abbey, it's my favourite show in the entire world! It's so well put together and Annasophia is simply gorgeous. I'm so envious of her eyelashes and of course, her relationship with Sebastian Kidd. Thank god for online tv watching or else I would totally be missing out.
    The book is pretty darn incredible too, I'm really enjoying it <3
    xx Maria

  3. The Carrie Diaries! I can't even describe how fantastic it is. Totally agree with Maria; AnnaSophia is so beautiful and I am extremely jealous of her Manhattan lifestyle and Sebastian Kydd. The 80's fashion is just so amazing, I love it so much!