What's in my Bag

I am one of those people that could spend a long time pinning room ideas on Pinterest & I love to look at room tour & what's in my bag posts so I decided to jump on the bandwagon & do my own. This handbag is usually saved for special occasions or outings that require a considerably fancy handbag to match. This was purchased at San Lorenzo Markets in Florence after I'd seen them in this video on Lady Melbourne's blog. As far as I remember a few of the stalls had these so if you're traveling through Florence & like the look of this bag then you can get yourselves one there.

My dearly loved handbag.

Anyway enough about my bag, it's time to look at what exactly is in my bag!

The bounty.

 Mini Hairbrush. My hair conveniently tangles & gets windswept during the day so I always have a hairbrush handy. This brush is going to be replaced with a Tangle Teezer though as it is more compact & has a cover so that the bristles don't get caught on anything.

♥ Mini Moleskine Notebook. It isn't always practical to carry a massive notebook around with me & this is the perfect size for jotting down ideas, shopping lists & anything I want to remember really.

♥ iPod Touch. Music is essential, especially for long train trips. I'd be lost without my iPod on public transport.

♥ Pouch from Cotton On Body containing; MAC Lip Tint & The Body Shop Blotting Paper. I always carry a lip balm of some kind with me as my lips do get dry if I'm not careful & blotting paper is handy as I don't always carry powder with me. This little bag usually has extra makeup bits for touch ups on long days.

♥ Sunglasses from Dotti. Another necessity in my handbag.

Reading material, at the moment it's Peppermint Magazine. Usually I like to take a book or magazine with me if I'm traveling for a reasonable amount of time. 

♥ A pen!! This is for the notebook or to write notes etc.

♥ Dermalogica toner. This gets spritzed when I want to freshen up & give my skin a pick me up.

 Wallet from Urban Outfitters several years ago. My wallet contains a ton of cards, occasionally coins & often receipts which I forget to discard.

♥ Small purse from Topshop. This contains plasters, my house keys, drops for my contact lenses & a rollerball perfume. This little case is so handy & I always manage to fit a fair bit into it.

♥ Last but not least my iPhone! A necessity when I'm out & about.

*So there you have it! I hope you've enjoyed this post. Next month I'm off travelling so I was thinking of doing a 'What's in my travel makeup bag' post, let me know if that's something you'd like to see.

I hope your Wednesday's are wondrous. I'm having a busy week back at Summer School & I'm counting down to Friday when my classes will be finished! 

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  1. I always love reading 'What's in my bag?' posts. They are so interesting and fun to read. What's in your bag can actually say a lot about your personality. I like the style of your purse, it's very classy and lovely.

    Your photography is so beautiful, Sophie. I admire your editing skills <3
    xx Maria