Q+A on a grey Summer's day

That title is a little bit depressing actually, apologies for that! I did consider taking some photos outside for a blog post today but it has been grey & rainy so that hasn't happened. Instead I thought it might be fun to do a little Q&A type post for you! This post could end up rather long so if you don't enjoy reading a lot then perhaps skip this one..

I found all these questions over on Zoe's blog & basically chose the ones I wanted to answer. There's questions about shopping, me & other random things. So let's get started!

 What is your name & do you have any nicknames? My name is Sophie. Nicknames..I often get called Soph & one of my friends calls me 'Hipster'. Apart from that I have none.

Do you have any siblings? I have one brother who's 18.

How old are you? I am 20 years young old.

What's your height? I am 5 ft 7, is that very tall? I have no idea..

Do you have any pets? I sure do. My family have a dog & two cats. Our cats are sisters & my brother & I have one each.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Reading, I permanently have a stack of books & magazines by my bed. I also enjoy taking photos & baking sweet treats for friends & family.

Who inspires you? There are loads of people, I find Anna Wintour & all the work she's done for Vogue as both a magazine & a brand incredibly inspiring, Tim Walker & his creative talent + childlike wonder he explores in his work. Also some of my family & friends who have done/are doing extraordinary things inspire me.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Probably getting into my degree actually. The last year of high school was rather testing on a personal level & I didn't perform as well as I could've, so I was surprised my final exam marks were good enough for me to be accepted. Thankfully they were.

What do you value most in life? Trustworthiness, honesty & compassion.

What do you do? I blog (what a revelation..) & sometimes I review & write things for other people. I also am studying towards a degree in Communication Studies so I learn a lot about writing & media basically.

What is your dream job? Editing a fashion magazine either as an Editor in Chief or Fashion/Beauty Editor or as Fashion News Editor. In an ideal world I'd be doing one of the above for Teen Vogue.

What did you take for your A levels? I studied Photography, Business Studies & English Literature.

Do you have any phobias? Yes! A few, Mice & Rats are probably my biggest fear. I also have a fear of broken escalators starting again whilst I'm walking on them.

Where have you been on holiday & where was the best? I'm assuming this means overseas. I've been to Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Rome, Florence, London, Rarotonga, Paris & New York. This is hard!! I think I liked London the best. We weren't there very long but I loved the city & exploring many of its attractions & art museums among other things.

Favourite childhood memory? There are many but one I've thought about recently is the fairy stories my Uncle used to tell one of my cousins & I. My uncle told us about the fairies in their garden & all the places they lived+their adventures. We even made them a fairy house & the next morning woke to sweets in glittery paper bags from the fairies.

Heels or flats? Flats. I'm too clumsy for heels & flats are comfier.

♥ Favourite moisturiser? The Kiehls one I use. I can never remember the name but it's been mentioned in previous posts.

♥ Where do you buy most of your clothes from? I'm not much of an online clothes shopper, I wish I was but I usually get most of my clothes from Glassons, Dotti, Forever New or Country Road. 

♥ Favourite shop? I don't really have one, I have loads!

♥ Favourite makeup brand? Mac, Nars & Chanel. I cheated sorry.

♥ Favourite drugstore makeup brand? Rimmel.

♥ Favourite nail polish brand? Cheating again, Essie & OPI. For gel manicures definitely Colour Gloss.

♥ What was your first makeup item? A Clinique foundation. 

♥ Can you please show your followers how you organise all your jewellery/accessories? I sure can! My jewellery storage is pretty bad at the moment but as part of my room makeover this year I hope to improve it. So once I'm happy with it I'll do an organisation post & room tour.

♥ Lipgloss or mascara? Mascara.

♥ What's your worst shopping habit? I am very indecisive. I'll see something I like then spend ages trying to decide whether or not I'll buy it. Lately I've started walking away more & then going back if I decide I do want to buy something.

♥ Do you have a signature scent? Daisy by Marc Jacobs

♥ Do you bite your nails? I haven't in over a year, yay! 

Which five male celebs would be on your "list"? Andrew Garfield, Orlando Bloom, Ed Westwick (noticing a trend here?), Colin Firth & James Franco.

Do you have a favourite book? I'm peering at my bookshelf right now & these are a few of my favourites; Matilda, the first 3 Harry Potter books, Tim Walker Pictures & Grace A Memoir.

Do you watch any American tv? If so what is your favourite? I don't really watch much tv to be honest but for American tv I like Gilmore Girls & Gossip Girl. Re-runs of Sabrina, Friends & Full House are always good too...oh & Lizzie McGuire, hello nostalgia. 

Why don't you make YouTube videos? People ask me to make videos but what you mightn't know about me is I am actually quite shy. The thought of speaking to a camera & having loads of people watching scares me. I am starting to get more comfortable with being on camera but until I feel ok to do videos I won't. I much prefer writing anyway.

What is your favourite Reality tv show? Keeping Up With The Kardashians is my guilty pleasure & I get addicted to Masterchef Australia when it's on.

Who is your favourite makeup guru? This is hard!! Tanya, Fleur, Zoe & Louise are probably my favourites.

♥ What is your favourite style to decorate your bedroom; chic, modern, vintage etc? All of the above.

♥ Favourite flower? I am obsessed with flowers. I love peonies, hydrangeas, lilies & pink orchids. 

♥ If you could have a dinner party with five celebrities, dead or alive, who would you invite? Florence Welch, James Franco, Helena Bonham Carter, Audrey Hepburn & John Lennon & Anna Wintour & Grace Coddington. Five is such an unrealistic number & seven is my lucky number, cheating justified. 

*Wow! This ended up being rather long. Congratulations if you made it to the end of this post. If anyone wants to ask me any more questions tweet me @nanawintourblog & use the hashtag #asknanawintour or leave a comment here. I am considering re-opening my Tumblr ask box so I'll let you know if that happens xo.


  1. This was so much fun to read, I love knowing more about the people I follow x

    1. Thank you :). I really enjoyed writing this xx.