What I Love Weekly #35

1. Christmas Reminiscing; A few days before Christmas I purchased some Bluebells Cakery Christmas Cupcakes to take to a family afternoon tea. Not only did they look beautiful but by all accounts they tasted amazing too.

2. Driving through Fitzgerald Glade. Anyone who has driven to Rotorua should no what I'm talking about, it's kinda hard to explain so Google it if you don't. Basically it is one of the prettiest pieces of scenery to see on a rather long car trip. I love it.

3. This photo shoot. One of my favourite things about putting together blog posts is getting to compose,  shoot & edit my own photos. That shoot I did this week was one of my favourites to do & I had such a good time putting it all together. Maybe I'll have to do another soon..

4. While we're on the subject of Photography, this post of DSLR Photography tips is really worthwhile reading. There are so many useful tips & tricks here.

Image via Pinterest.

5. Just how Pinteresting Pinterest is! Pardon the bad pun, but I've been going Pin crazy this week. Gift wrapping ideas, makeup brush storage ideas, words of wisdom..you get the idea. Follow my addiction here.

6. Hobbiton! Last week I visited The Shire & it was just as beautiful as expected. If you're a fan of either The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings films then you should pay a visit. It is expensive but worthwhile to see the stunning set & location up close. The attention to detail is mind blowing.

7. Beautiful Christmas Crackers x2. Jo Malone's which was one of my Christmas Crackers was stunningly presented & I love everything that was included. The fancy Christmas Crackers we had at Christmas lunch were also pretty & had practical gifts inside like playing cards, a torch to attach to your house keys etc.

8. Giant punnets of Raspberries, and Blueberries, and Strawberries. Summer fruits are the best.

9. Pro Tip; Small platters are great for holding beauty items like perfume bottles, candles, miniatures & more. I'll take a photo to better demonstrate this later. 

10. Post Christmas Sales! In particular Lush, The Body Shop & Glassons. The first two had between 30-50% off their Christmas products & Glassons had up to 40 dollars (I think) off some items. Basically bargains & sales = love.

11. Hamilton Gardens' themed gardens, in particular the Italian Renaissance & their English Roses gardens. So so pretty.

*I just wanted to say thanks for all the blog love this week everyone! All your support means so much to me. 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I'm off to the movies tomorrow & packing again as I am off for a short holiday to the beach.  xo

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