March in Pictures

Well March, for lack of a better word you have been marvelous. There's been plenty of positive moments & little things that I've been extremely grateful for. It's those moments that really make it a lot easier to not take as much notice of the bad. ♥ 

Here's what my trusty camera captured this month. If you're wondering what I use to edit my iPhone pictures then have a read of this post.

Here's to new beginnings & fresh starts.
Tea & reading material=love

I had a request to post a photo of my MAC lipstick collection & here it is. Apparently I like pinky-red lipsticks.
My younger cousins were visiting & we made playdough shapes & edible dinosaur & circle biscuits with sprinkles aplenty! They were pretty delicious.

I got new drawers at the beginning of this month & so far they've managed to stay tidy, even the makeup drawer. Next I'm on the lookout for a new bookshelf.
This delightful package arrived in the post for me from Maria & Isabella ♥.

Cadbury Mini Eggs! The ultimate Easter indulgence, so delish.
B's radtastic glasses.

Britney & I had a meeting at Starbucks last week. Without giving too much away, we may be planning something exciting.
The sleep essentials.

Let them eat delicious cake!
Planning & being inspired by these magazines for an upcoming post.

♥ I hope you're having a fabulous day! This week I've been doing a lot of planning, reading the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual in my free time & daydreaming of Paris xo.

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