The Photo Diaries

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a fabulous week so far. Mine has been rather lovely in truth, but more about that on Friday.

Today I thought I'd share with you some of life's moments that I've documented with my proper camera over the last few months. If you're wondering what camera & editing tools I've used you can read up on that here.

That time I got too overwhelmed by sprinkles at Kiwi Yo.. and this happened.
My cousin's pretty skirt & even more amazing film camera.

Me hiding from the camera at lunch.
Movie night in the tent! 

Beatrix Potter books! I seem to be loving her illustrations at the moment. I think it's the childhood nostalgia that does it.
I made a Media Kit!! Truthfully this was done with a little help from IFB & Isabella but..I made it. Doesn't it look pretty?

The stunning Wellington Harbour.
Burritos I made for dinner one night. These are super easy to do & extremely tasty. Nom!
Flowers in The Esplanade.

 Sorry this post was a bit brief! Even though I've only been back at University for 2 days I already feel very tired. I'll be back with 'What I Love Weekly' on Friday though as always & hopefully some exciting updates to share then..keep an eye out xo.

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