What I Love Weekly #46

1. "You've got to remember to always be kind to yourself." -From an email I received this week.

2. After tomorrow I go on holiday again in one month's time! I can already tell you I am eagerly anticipating those sleep ins now.

3. Wearing sparkly things to brighten grey days. Yesterday I wore a tulle skirt, sparkly jewellery, this lace top & sparkly gold loafers. I do love glitter!

4. Bobbi Brown lip gloss! I can't find the colour I have online so maybe it was a limited edition one. I won this gloss in a prize pack from #nzgirlbloggers club & it is so good. The gloss isn't tacky at all & it lasts pretty fantastically. I'm going to talk more about this in a post next week but in the meantime you can browse the colour range & finishes here.

My face of the day yesterday 

5. This song has been on repeat most days this week. Thanks Britney for blogging this originally!

6. While we're on the subject of music if you haven't listened to this then you must stop what you're doing & come back when you're done. Ok, now you've heard it, that song is by a 16 year old girl from New Zealand. Brooke Fraser says of hearing Lorde's work; "My immediate reaction was to look for the nearest exit so I could go outside & light myself on fire. If what she is doing doesn't commercially eclipse all other music to have ever come out of NZ, I'll eat my figurative AND literal hat." Basically Lorde is a big deal, I can't wait for her album to be released!

7. It's always inevitably going to be a good week when Leah does my nails & I am loving these beauties! They've been referred to as both Fairy & Barbie nails respectively, surely that has to be a winning combination.

8. Listography journals. Isabella & Maria sent me this in a package last week & I've loved filling some of the lists in when I have a free moment. I love these journals so much that some of my friends may be getting some for their birthdays too, sharing the list love.

9. Lazy Sundays when it's raining & you're indoors are the best. I don't think any other weather combination can top that, especially when New Zealand's going into Autumn & Winter.

10. My sleep has been suffering lately, I am not loving that! What I am loving though is that Beauty Bay seem to have a sale on at the moment, as do Feel Unique. Anyway, I picked up these which you can't buy in New Zealand, not as a set anyway. I've seen these products reviewed positvely online so hopefully they help me! In the meantime I am giving these a go as well.

♥ I hope you've all had fabulous weeks! Mine's been a mainly positive but slightly upside down week. I'm looking forward to sleeping in, catching up on YouTube vlogs & blog posts & a cake date+fashion show session with one of my friends xo.

Some extras

♥ American Readers, the lovely people at Kohl's have given me a discount code for you to use with your next purchases. Simply type "BLOGS10" at checkout to receive 10% off your order until the 10th of May.
♥ Don't forget Aucklanders that Newmarket's Fashion on the Street shows are taking place on Osborne Street tomorrow! Be sure to head along for some fabulous winter fashion.


  1. It's so nice to stumble upon a fellow NZ girls blog!
    Your blog is lovely and I'm definitely with you on the sleep in situation, I cannot wait for my holiday either.
    Head on over and check out my blog if you like

    1. Thank you! I've just been having a nosy around your blog & love it too. You have such gorgeous style! :)

      S xo

  2. I love reading your blog - its a taste of home.