What I Love Weekly #44

1. My blog layout which Britney helped me put together last Friday. It is exactly what I wanted & I love how much cleaner it looks & the overall design. End humble brag.

2. Mail of both the digital & paper kind that isn't a bill is always going to make my day. Always. This week I got a couple of very special emails to say the least. More on that next week, hopefully.

3. This article of 19 things to stop doing in your twenties. #7 is always applicable I think. Sadly some people in high school who weren't good then don't exactly change post high school. In saying that, post high school you realize some people were or weren't who you thought they were & vice versa.

4. Show Orchid lipstick by MAC is my favourite lip colour at the moment. It's quite possibly the most gorgeous pink lipstick, ever! See it for yourselves here.

Loving this beaded skirt & lace look I found on Pinterest! Beaded skirts are so beautiful.

5. I loved Ingrid's February Favourites video this month..& you will too! Now lusting after: Macadamia No Tangle Spray & Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere Mattifying Compact which both sound amazing.

6. Vodka Lime & Bitters, an adult twist on one of my favourite beverages. The best part is it tastes exactly the same but with less fizziness perhaps. Absolutely delicious.

7. The brilliance that is WG, aka the new building at my university for Communications Students. It is such a well designed space. I love all the cosy booths & seating areas dotted around the place, perfect for quiet study & unwinding between classes.

8. So this song may or may not be on high rotation on my iPod at the moment #sorrynotsorry. Also how awesome is that video? 

9. Who doesn't have fond memories of whacking a Pinata & watching all that glorious candy fall to the ground? Now you can relive those memories..with a cake! This looks so easy to do & would be such an awesome treat for someone. A couple of my friends have challenged me to make this in a few week's time so I'll let you know if it works out. See the recipe here.

10. Maddy & Katherine made a Karen Walker lookbook featuring pieces from her Fantastique Magnifique collection. There are so many covetable pieces in this collection & those dot pants are amazing.

♥ I hope you've all had a fantastic week! This afternoon I'll be celebrating that one week of semester is gone & this weekend I'll be watching Gossip Girl, taking pretty pictures & doing homework, it doesn't stop once you leave high school kids. xo