What I Love Weekly #47

1. "Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." -CS Lewis

2. My current obsession with skincare, which I hold nobody responsible for by the way. Well, I guess I am responsible because I've finally accepted that clear skin equals healthy, nourished skin. You get the idea.. I am at long last realising the importance of a decent skincare regime & in turn being inspired by all the ways I can improve my skin's condition & appearance.

3. If you're just as inspired as I am by skincare products then you need to watch Anna's (Vivianna Does Makeup) video of her Winter Skincare Routine. She features a wide range of products like oils, intensive masks, serums & more. There's some seriously good recommendations & products worth having a look at so you should watch it.

4. The fact that this week was a three day work/study week & that next week will be the same. Short weeks are the best, especially at this time of year when they're like a nice little pre-holiday of sorts before the eagerly anticipated mid-semester break.

How could I do a post on Easter Friday without featuring the chicest bunny of them all, Fifi Lapin? This was one of the first blogs I discovered & even now four years later I still daydream of having some prints of this rabbit for my collection  

5. The Coconut Ice at Bluebells Cakery is the best. You know what else is the best? The fact that Karla is releasing a book inspired by her Bluebells Cakery Recipes, I cannot wait!

6. The experience that is trying out products at Bobbi Brown. Usually I am really shy in makeup stores & much prefer swatching things myself, but this store is an exception. The artists in their store are so lovely & I found myself having products applied that I would never normally think would suit me. As of now I am daydreaming of their Nude Peach Blush & Pink Blossom lipgloss, both are so beautiful! 

7. This song, which is admittedly a little old now but I never tire of this. It's on repeat this week.

8. Yesterday I found the best contact lens case, ever! The lids are shaped like Hello Kitty's head & as a lover of most things Hello Kitty, I had to have it. See its cuteness here

9. Britney's post on blog organisation is pretty spot on really. If you're a blogger & want tips on how to stay organised then you should definitely have a read. 

10. Vanity Fair's latest interview with Taylor Swift. I always find Taylor's interviews really interesting to read & this one in particular focuses on the media attention & to a degree the harassment that comes with being a worldwide celebrity. Even if you're not a fan this is worth a read.

 ♥ I hope you all have fantastic long weekends! I'm not entirely sure what I'll be doing yet but I know today I'll be finding a sunny spot & curling up with some books & maybe even watching The Notebook later on xo.


  1. I love the interview with Taylor Swift. She's just so funny and so honest.

    -Hannah x

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Bluebells cupcakes nom nom nom! And I love your Hello Kitty case. Too cute! Thanks for your sweet comment re my post :D Happy easter to ya!