Quotacious Quotes: The Grand Finale

Hello everyone! As you may have noted from the title this is going to be my last Quotes post for the time being.
 I've decided to retire this feature to make way for a brand new, exciting one next month which I'm really looking forward to starting up. I'll still be featuring quotes or words of wisdom in my 'What I Love Weekly' posts on Fridays & if you're after more inspiring words then you can check out my Words board on Pinterest.

"My gripe is that a lot of young girls aspire to be super sexy and I don’t see why. What is attractive or alluring is not necessarily how much flesh you bare, but how good your brain is, or how much charm you have. Fake tan, fake tits - this porn thing has become embedded in our culture. It’s a shame. Maybe it’s because I’m a country girl, but I hate it when women only dress for men. I think it’s more exciting to reveal less. Maybe wear layers of smocks and then have super-sexy underwear on. Dress like a pilgrim on the outside and a whore underneath." Alexa Chung

I hope you're having a fabulous day! I'm back into the swing of things at University & so far it's all going really well. This semester I get Monday's off which is also useful for me to catch up on any homework, start assignments & reply to blogging emails+write posts. 


  1. Amazing qoutes!


  2. I will miss this feature muchly...

    1. Aww, I'm glad you enjoyed it Amy!! I hope you enjoy my new features though..I'll be alternating them each month :).

      S xo