Five Product Face

You know those days when you suddenly find yourself with only five minutes to spare to do your face? They're the days when you want as few products as you can to look half decent. Bring in the Five Product Face, a combination that will no doubt leave the makeup lovers in a panic. Don't fret though, this is best reserved for those pressed for time and lazy makeup days. Proceed with caution if you're one of those aforementioned lovers..

You won't find any primer in this look so it's straight onto the face with Mac Studio Moisture Tint in Medium for a subtler makeup look with a little bit of coverage. Buffed onto the face with an xoBeauty Flat Top Synthetic Face Brush you can achieve a flawless finish here. Followed up with Origins Plantscription Concealer in Light/Medium and you can cover up any under eye circles, redness or blemishes with a few artfully placed dabs. To set everything use Mac Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in Medium with a Real Techniques Blush Brush. This brush deposits enough powder on the face to create a more matte finish without the chalkiness that powder can sometimes achieve. Now the scariest part, no filling in of the brows. Time isn't on your side here so a quick comb through with a spooly brush (thanks Hannah) has the brows taken care of. Lashes are naturally lengthened and defined with a couple of coats of the Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara*. This mascara is fantastic for daytime looks and as the label suggests it doesn't clump or go flaky over the day. The final flourish is a coat of Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in  Candy Shimmer for a sheer layer of pink nude gloss to the lips. 

Tools down, makeup bench looking pretty pristine and you are free to rush out the door. If I were to add extra steps in here Primer and Setting Spray would be the first to make their way back in along with a Cream Eyeshadow like Eclair from Monday's post to quickly take care of all eyeshadow needs.

*PR Sample

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