My Top Five Makeup Brushes

Finding the perfect makeup brush involves a bit of trial and error. It isn't really until you start using a brush yourself that you can see results with it. Sometimes the high street brushes can be just as good as their more luxe counterparts. I don't have an extensive array of brushes, but there are definitely five that stand out in the lineup. This is part one of a new series and I also plan to look at eyeshadows and lipsticks. If you have any other categories you'd like to see covered leave me a comment or tweet me.

In no particular order..

xoBeauty Flat Top Synthetic Face Brush, available here. This brush is perfect for applying liquid or cream products to the face. Its density means that it works nicely at blending products into the face and doesn't pick up excess product. The only downside of this brush is it does take a long time to dry but other than that it is fantastic and super affordable. Read more about the xoBeauty brushes here.

Real Techniques Setting Brush, available here. I've never been one of those people who likes blending face products in with their fingers, I find it a bit gross to be honest. Thankfully the setting brush exists, a miniature brush that resembles a scaled down foundation one. This is fantastic for blending in cream-based concealers. It doesn't move the product around too much and it leaves a flawless, airbrushed finish. These brushes remind me a bit of the Hourglass ones which I don't own but feel just as soft and as luxurious to use.

Mac #266 Small Angle Brush, purchased in Sephora but also available at Mac stores and counters. This brush is perfect for precise eyeliner application, whether that be with powder or gel liner. It allows you to get extremely close to the lashline so you can create even, defined lines. Lately though I have also been using this brush to fill in my brows and again find it works well for that.  I've had this brush nearly three years now and it still hasn't lost its shape. Mac does the best eye brushes in my opinion.

Real Techniques Blush Brush, available here. This brush is my favourite at the moment. While it is meant for blush I find it perfect for powdering with. Again, it doesn't pick up too much product and you aren't left with a chalky looking complexion. This is also a great brush for applying bronzer with as well. 

Mac #217 Blending Brush, available from Mac stores and counters. This is the holy grail eyeshadow brush among many a beauty blogger and vlogger. This brush is super fluffy and is great for applying eyeshadow colours across the lid, blending colours together and then blending colours into the crease as well. It does it all basically and if you love eyeshadow then this is a fantastic one to own. Mac's #239 brush is also great for eyeshadow too.


  1. Great post, I really need to invest in a few new brushes! :-) Not much of a surprise that some Real Techniques brushes are in there, they get so much positive feedback! x


    1. Thanks Ruby! I'd highly recommend the Real Techniques brushes, they're so affordable & work fantastically. x

  2. My favourites are the Real Technques stippling brush (must invest in some more of theirs) and the Shiseido foundation brush. Most of my others are just Manicare ones but they've worked pretty well so far!

    1. I really want to try the Real Techniques Stippling Brush & Expert Face. I've heard good things about Manicare's brushes too :) x.