A Boxful of Beauty

Fact: I love organisational storage. Knowing where everything is, colour coding, beautiful display ideas, they all excite me. In particular I enjoy thinking about ways to better organise my beauty and fashion storage but today I thought I'd show you how I store and display my beauty products.

The Boxes I love Jo Malone packaging, it's so classic and elegant. I also love to recycle where I can and thought these boxes would be great for storing beauty products. The square box houses the majority of my lipsticks. I keep all my favourites along the top row and in the front section so I can find them easily. The longer rectangular box holds my sleep related products so I can keep all those in one place and don't have to go looking for them at night.

*Try: Shoe boxes, plastic labelled containers.

The Brush Holder This is actually a coffee cup that has been cast and then transformed into a ceramic container by local artist Porcelain Rove. I prefer this to a brush holder because all my brushes are easy to reach and I can find the ones I'm looking for pretty easily. 

*Try: Patterned cups, jars, small vases and plant pots.

The Vintage Tin This vintage tin was a find from a vintage store in Wellington. It is the perfect size for housing single eyeshadows and loose pigments. I keep the single shadows I use most days in my makeup bag and my eyeshadow palettes are kept stacked in a drawer. I'm always on the hunt for decorative pieces like this as I love the retro prints and colour schemes.

*Try: Unique tins and containers from thrift stores/op shops, decorated jam jars, clear stackable containers.

There's also some gorgeous beauty storage ideas online..

All images via Pinterest

*I'd also recommend watching Lily's Beauty Storage and Collection video and Zoe's Room Tour video for more ideas.

♥How do you store your beauty products?


  1. I never thought of using perfume boxes, that's a cute idea :-) I love using the cake stands too x


    1. I love the cake stand idea as well :) & recycling old candle jars. If you're looking for more definitely check out Pinterest x.

  2. Are you from Auckland? I was just at the craft fair and saw very similar looking ceramic cups, thought about getting them!

    I just finished a Diptyque candle which got so hot it melted off the top half of the sticker. SAD FACE.

    1. I am from Auckland-This was a purchase at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair a couple of years back actually. I think these are also sold at the Bread & Butter Letter on K Road actually.