Products I Have Used Up: Volume #1

This post is often requested by people and I've always wanted to do one. It just seems to take me forever to use anything up, particularly makeup so I was surprised when the majority of these products seemed to all run out at once..

Yes To Cucumber Soothing Facial Towelettes* These face wipes are designed for gentle cleansing and makeup removal but I've been a bit scared to use face wipes all over my face recently, more on that later. I used these to remove light eye makeup and also particularly pigmented lipsticks. The latter probably isn't what they are designed for but because they are designed for sensitive skin I found they didn't harm my lips at all. These are also great for removing swatches as well. Nearly every trace of makeup is removed with these. They don't smell too heavily perfumed as well which is great. These are perfect for those late nights when you're feeling a bit lazy and want to swipe makeup off in a hurry. 

Repurchase? Yes, I'm going to the supermarket later on today and will definitely be adding these to my shopping basket. 

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel (part of their Christmas range) I love Snow Fairy and have been through two bottles since it arrived in stores at the end of last year. If you're unfamiliar with Lush the shower gel has the same scent as their popular Godmother soap. It has a bubblegum-lolly scent which can get a little bit sickly after a while but on the whole I really like this shower gel. It smells fantastic, lathers up nicely and it's bright pink and glittery. What more would you want?? It was a very sad day when this ran out.

Repurchase? Absolutely! I love this shower gel. Sometimes Lush sneakily release this online before Christmas so keep an eye out for it if you can't wait until December to pick some up.

Mac Studio Moisture Tint in Medium I used to really love this tinted moisturiser but now I'm onto my second tube of it I'm not sure how I feel about it. The shade is a fantastic match for me but sometimes the finish is just a bit too dewy for my liking, that's nothing powder can't fix though. It is easy to apply and is pretty long-lasting as well. This is definitely a better alternative to some BB Creams in my opinion.

Repurchase? Maybe. Even though I repurchased this I don't think I would again. I'd like to try an oil-free tinted moisturiser like the Laura Mercier ones or even the Dior Nude Skin BB Cream. We'll see..

Bioderma Crealine H20 Micellar Solution The holy grail product for removing every single trace of makeup with one single swipe of a cotton pad. The only thing I dislike about this products is it is not the easiest to track down but other than that you can't really fault it. Read my review here.

Repurchase? Absolutely. This is the best product I've tried for removing makeup.

Maybelline Volum Express The Colossal Cat Eye Mascara* This mascara is fantastic if you want your lashes to look naturally lengthened and defined. I love how the mascara wand is curved on one side so you can really cup your lashes around it and flare them out nicely. This mascara doesn't clump or flake easily either which earns it bonus points.

Repurchase? Maybe. I haven't really used a lot of drugstore mascaras before so I like trying different ones each time they run out to see what each one has to offer. Maybelline's The Falsies is next on my wishlist though.

Mac Fix+ Spray If you ask any Mac makeup artist what one of their kit essentials are, chances are they'll name this to you. This spray is great for setting makeup and adds a bit of a glow to the skin. I like to apply it before I start applying makeup to freshen up the skin and then after to set everything. 

Repurchase? Yes, although my friend and I do dub this expensive water for a reason. Le sigh..

Caudalie Beauty Elixir This beauty mist is the pre-Fix+ step in my beauty routine. It's refreshing and it really smooths the skin for makeup application. I also like to use this during the day if my skin's feeling a bit dry. Sometimes the scent can be a little bit overpowering but it is easy to adjust to.

Repurchase? Yes, I'm not sure what it is about this beauty elixir but I love it and will continue to repurchase it.

KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray This was in a prize pack I won from Meagan's blog a few months ago. I hadn't used any KMS products before but I was really impressed with this heat protectant. It was nicely scented and it didn't leave my hair feeling crispy after I'd spritzed it. 

Repurchase? I've since replaced this with a Tigi heat protectant that I like as well so I might buy this again when that one runs out. My haircare products always seem to get alternated though so I don't really repurchase the same products all the time.

Mac Wipes I was feeling somewhat indulgent one day and decided to buy these to see what they were like. I know Louise likes to use them so I thought they might be good. Unfortunately I had to stop using these on my face as my skin had a pretty nasty reaction to them. If your skin's particularly sensitive I'd be cautious about using these. Like the Yes To offering however I did find these fantastic for removing eye makeup, sometimes lipstick and also swatches when I've been testing products out. 

Repurchase? No. While these were great for eye and lip makeup removal, the price isn't justifiable when the Yes To ones are just as good at a fraction of a price. These are definitely a 'treat yourself' purchase.

*PR Sample


  1. You must get your hands on the Maybelline Falsies if you're a mascara fiend like I am, it blows every single expensive mascara I've ever tried out of the water!
    Fi x

    1. Oh I will! It sounds fantastic. Although Maxfactor have mascaras on offer at the moment so I think that'll be the next one I try :).