Brilliant Blogs, Edition 12-The British Beauty Bonanza

Up to last year I read a fair few blogs religiously. I don't know if my tastes have changed but that number has definitely dropped. What makes me go back to a blog is a story for another day but these four are definitely revisit-worthy. Today I bring you the fantastic three, the best of the British beauty blogs.

Vivianna Does Makeup This blog penned by Anna is crammed with all things beauty. Occasionally she dabbles in a bit of food and fashion blogging but for the most part she is a dedicated beauty blogger. Anna updates her blog daily with fresh posts so there is always something new to read. Vivianna Does Makeup is definitely one of my favourite blogs. Her reviews are fantastic and she always covers a nice range of products. Some of my favourite beauty products were first spotted on VDM, and these other blogs actually. Thanks for that Anna. I'm not sure my bank balance is as thankful..

I Covet Thee Alix's blog was actually recommended to me by a friend of mine and I'm so glad she told me about it. Alix blogs mainly about beauty but she also shares a lot of lifestyle posts including her fashionable finds and snippets of her life captured on Instagram. Alix shares blog posts a few times a week but she also makes YouTube videos as well which are well worth the watch. Alix is a similar age to me and she always shares beauty products+fashion purchases that are within my price range which I like. Sometimes when people talk about their designer bags in videos I can feel a bit disconnected. Anyway, definitely check out I Covet Thee. Alix has fabulous style and is always in the know about the best of all things beauty.

Sprinkle of Glitter Louise blogs all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle that she loves. She also regularly updates her YouTube channel with videos ranging from a Summer lookbook to a tour of the Harry Potter studios. Louise updates her channel and blog several times a week and her posts are always worth the wait. I really enjoy Louise's videos in particular. She doesn't take herself too seriously and isn't afraid to have fun in her videos. They're particularly great to go and watch if you're having a bit of a rough day. I also really like the beauty looks Louise creates on her channel. She isn't a makeup artist but she always shares looks that can easily be recreated at home.

*What are your favourite beauty blogs to read? 


  1. I have recently turned into reading these British ones too! Especially VDM. Frequent uploads + good photography = success. I quite like the purist beauty blog; so agree with feeling disconnected when there's talk of designer bags etc. I also get pretty uninterested when there are too many fashion/food/other posts.

    Essie Button is a personal fave, and I quite like gh0stparties and xoVain.

    Also in my Feedly are Beautyzine and Temptalia - the writing is fairly boring but they are pretty useful resources for sussing out entire new collections.

    Must say I find Caroline Hirons' blog one of THE most useful blogs when it comes to skincare; I feel like I learn sooo much from her.

    Anna x

    1. They're so good! There's not many 100% beauty blogs in New Zealand & even America, the British ones seem to have all bases covered. I quite like a range of posts sometimes, particularly with blogs like Louise's. Sometimes all ________ (whatever topic) can get a bit boring. It's nice to mix things up I think.

      Essie's blog is also fab & Gh0st Parties & Nouvelle Daily. Love them. & yes I do love Caroline's blog! She knows her stuff. So many good blogs.

      S xo