The Week #62

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Must-Watch of the Week: Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup has been running a series on her blog this week of sensible beauty packing for holidays, festivals and the last minute city trips. I don't know about you guys but I always overpack beauty-wise and find myself not wanting to use as much product as I usually do. Anna's videos break down everything you need and she's even provided a handy PDF checklist to download to keep you on track. I do love a good list, and organisation. Watch them next time you're needing to be organised.

Product of the Week: This week I've been loving lipstick in general, in particular Patisserie by Mac and also Lady Danger. I seem to enjoy wearing it more in Winter and as cheesy as it sounds I find it a bit of a confidence booster too. Both those shades are so gorgeous and the formulas are pretty spot on as well (see yesterday's post). 

Must-Read of the Week: I really enjoy reading people's memoirs or autobiographies, particularly of people who have been involved in the fashion industry. At the moment I'm reading Blow by Blow which is an autobiography about the late Isabella Blow. She introduced the world to the likes of Philip Treacy and Alexander McQueen, she worked with Anna Wintour at British Vogue and was quite the eccentric woman. I'm really enjoying this book so far and would highly recommend it if you're into fashion biographies.

Added to the Wishlist: M and I visited the Mac Pro store on Monday. I behaved and left with nothing, she escaped with two lipsticks. Tsk, tsk. Anyway, after a lot of swatching and falling in love with far two many things, their pigment in Tan was added to the wishlist. Pigments can be worn a number of the ways but I think they look best layered over eyeshadows. This colour is so sparkly and gorgeous. I love it!


  1. This is just yet another reminder that my lipstick collection is seriously lacking!
    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips